Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Ahoy, bok choy!

Thanks to a Groupon deal that was up for grabs a few month ago, a box of fresh, organic produce is delivered to our doorstep every once in a while.  Opening this box is almost like Christmas- that joy that shows in your eyes when a wonderful surprise opens up right in front of you, you know?  And some things are a complete surprise in the produce box- like bok choy, for example.  This was a complete surprise to me because I have never cooked bok choy- yes, in general I do enjoy eating most kinds of cabbage (much due to my German heritage, I suppose), but I have never cooked this Chinese cabbage before.  So, to use this lovely greenery in an easy meal, I decided to whip up a stir fry dinner.  And yum, yum, yum, this was taste-eeeyy!!

< Well hello there, fresh bok choy! >

 < I sauteed the beef for the stir fry first >

 < Frying the bok choy and some other vegetables came next >

 < I also sauteed some garlic (which is truly one of my favorite cooking aromas) >

< Quick, easy, pretty healthy dinner- I used brown rice to keep this dish more healthy. Delicious! >

Monday, January 30, 2012

Wonders from the Weekend

< Enjoyed a quiet night in with the ambiance of a somewhat Valentine-ish candle >

Well, hello there Monday!  I am not really ready for you... but like any other day, I will just pick up and go!  In keeping with Monday post traditions, I am happy to share a few pictures from my weekend with  you.  The days were sunny and bright, and the memories from this past weekend are the same!  Although it was somewhat of a quiet weekend at home, I really enjoyed working on a few of those long-avoided projects, taking walks in the lovely weather, spending some fun quality time with friends, and relaxing easy, like a Sunday afternoon.  Weekends like that just make me smile.

Whatever your plans are for this week, have a great one!

 < Listening to the pitter-patter of this lovely little water fountain >

 < Weekend celebrations arm candy >

< Brunching at a local fav with the girls! >

< Finally getting around to storing these lovely eyeshadows from my friend Meghan >

Friday, January 27, 2012

Obsessed: Smokin' Loafers

< Emerald colored python print?  Yes please, Old Navy! >

Happy Friday!!!  Today I am overjoyed to share my new favorite flat shoe obession: the smoking flat.  I have perused around a few of my favorite online haunts and found a good assortment of colors and patterns, all of which I can imagine in my closet as a daily commute or weekend kind of shoe.  To be honest, I really love a heel over a flat shoe, but when a certain amount of walking is required in my day, flats save my feet.  I can imagine these with a cute pair of pants and a pullover sweater now, and then with a skirt and t-shirt when the weather warms up.  After looking at all of these smoking flats pictured here, I kind of feel like a kid in a candy store!  What the heck, its Friday, right?

TGIF and have a wonderful weekend!

 < Glitter galore! These Steve Madden flats would surely add the right amount of sparkle to your day! >

< Cute colors from Target's Mossimo line- ja'dore the pink patent style! >

< Raaaawr!  Why hello little leopard smoking flat that can be best friends with some of my leopard print heels! >

< This kelly green pair  from Lulu's will be perfect for spring! >

< I really can't ever stay away from Tiger Print! >

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Just wanted to share a few Instagram photos I have posted recently- these pictures make me so happy!  I always enjoy perusing through pictures, and I hope you enjoy these as much as I do!

1 - An oversized gold watch I scored for $5!  I have really been wanting this style of watch since I have seen Michael Kors' oversized timepieces show up everywhere on the web, and I practically jumped out of my boots at the opportunity to purchase this large faced watch for such a screamin' deal.

2 - My current favorite mascaras... actually, the L'Oreal voluminous mascara has been a long-time staple, and the Maybelline Falsies is just for fun because I love dramatic lashes (and FYI, it doesn't really seem to make my lashes look like falsies unless it is layered over my L'Oreal mascara)

3 - Leopard heels, be still my heart!  These Simply Vera Vera Wang wonders have been in fast rotation in my closet a of late- they are super high but oh-so-comfortable (which is a favorite heel feature of mine) and oh-so-va-va-voom-fun.  Any day I wear these platforms is a good day in my book!

4 - Outfit details with snakeskin and a quilted bag... click here to see the rest of the outfit details.

5 - Simple, stacked rings the dress up weekend errand time.  These rings remind me of summer for some reason, so they are great to wear in the winter when I need a reminder of hot days by the water and warm summer nights.

6 - New little goodies to enjoy- a few spiked bracelets to add a pop of bright neon to some outfits, and an adorable, had-to-have-it case with gold zebra stripes.

Follow me on Intagram if you want to see fun photos like these in real time.  Or hop on over to Webstagram or Instagrid if you wish to view my Instagram pictures online.

Happy allllllmost Friday, my wonderful 3P supporters!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Daily Dressing

Another week in outfit for you wonderful 3P readers on this Wednesday!  I am really enjoying wearing layers, sweaters, and tights as this cold and rainy season surrounds me.  I also love a bright pop of color now and then to lighten up a gray day!  I am glad that I blog about more than fashion (because I enjoy so much more about life in addition to fashion), but I am also thankful that blogging about some fashion has challenged me to remix my wardrobe, mix patterns and colors, and be so inspired to try new outfit ideas.  Wearing multiple patterns is really becoming a trend of mine as of late- can you tell?

- Above outfit -
Occasion: work
Shirt, scarf, and bag: The Limited
Skirt: BR (old)
Jacket: Ross
Heels: Jessica Simpson
Jewelry: Kenneth Cole (watch), LOFT, F21 (bracelets), Simply Vera Wang (cuff)

- Above outfit -
Occasion: work
Shirt and belt: Target
Skirt: ON
Tights: DKNY
Heels: Max Studio
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Jewelry: Ross (watch), Kenneth Cole (necklaces)

- Above outfit -
Occasion: night with the girls
Shirt: thrifted
Jeans: BR
Belt: Nordstrom Rack
Heels: Simply Vera Wang
Bag: Rebecca Minkoff
Jewelry: F21 (bracelets and ring), Kenneth Cole (necklace), Target (earrings)

- Above outfit -
Occasion: work
Sweater and belt: F21
Pants: old
Bag: The Limited
Heels: Chinese Laundry
Necklaces: Kenneth Cole, Simply Vera Wang

- Above outfit -
Occasion: dinner out with friends
Sweater: unknown, old (last seen here)
Tanks: ON
Jeans: Gap
Bag: The Limited
Heels: Chinese Laundry
Jewelry: old (ring), Kenneth Cole, Simply Vera Wang (necklaces)

- Above outfit -
Occasion: casual Friday
Sweater and shirt: F21
Jeans: Lucky Brand Denim
Heels: Chinese Laundry
Bag; Guess
Jewelry: Ross (watch), F21, Starbucks (bracelets), BR (necklace)

- Above photo -
Occasion: weekend errands
Dress (work as skirt) and shirt: Target
Tights: DKNY
Belt: ON
Bag: TJ Maxx
Heels: Mee Too
Jewlry: F21 (bracelets), old (ring), BR (necklace)

- Above outfit -
Occasion: coffee run
Blouse: LOFT
Vest: Nordstrom Rack
Jeans: BR
Heels and satchel: Nine West
(I loved mixing this python print blouse with the python print bag!)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Word to the wise

< All you need is love! >

I love encouraging words and uplifting quotes, and I have always enjoyed surrounding myself with all kinds of positive words.  With these words on the shelves and wall within my house, walking around and glancing at them, or taking a little time to re-read them for the ump-teenth time always makes me smile.  And if I am ever in need of a 'chin-up' moment, glancing at some uplifting words does the trick. Not that there is an audible colloquy coming from the walls of this home- there simply is a chance to feel happy once you read the text of some decorations within this dwelling. Tell me, what kinds of quotes and sayings do you love to display?

P.S.- You can see more 'Snippets and Sayings' I adore on one of my Pinterest boards- stop by there any time!

 < A great thing to read every morning >

< I have had this lovely shining star since seventh grade, when my grandma gifted it to me- it still is encouraging to read to this day! >

 < 3 'Fs' I hold close to my heart >

 < A sweet glimpse of hope from the talented Ms. Dickenson >

 < My favorite song, in still-life wooden form >

 < These sweet words always make me think of a sunny but slightly windy, wonderful day on the beach >

< So very true, and I hope no one forgets this! >

Monday, January 23, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

 < Celebrating family birthday time with Kaluha cake and girly wrapping! >

Bye-bye, you wonderful weekend!  These past few days have been filled with celebrations of all sorts- birthdays for a few wonderful girls, and bittersweet goodbyes to some friends/family who are changing jobs and moving.  And essentially, fabulous time together with loving, fun family and friends.  The hubs and I hit the road for a very quick trip, and were glad to have a safe drive through all the rain and wind- and we were also appreciative of the free car wash a-la the pouring rain!  Now ignoring the exhaustion from all the great celebrations this weekend and looking forward to what is going to be a rainy, busy, yet fabulously productive week!

Happy Monday, you wonderful 3P supporters!

 < Girl bag + Boy bag... Have bags, will travel >

 < Strawberry Mango lemonade at lunch... mmm! >

 < Twilight-themed Prom birthday party... So much fun posing for old school 'awkward' prom pics! >

 < New bangles perfect for wearing my heart on my sleeve >

< Rain outside + football games by the fireplace = a perfect lazy Sunday afternoon! >

Friday, January 20, 2012

Four Pins for Friday

Hip-hip-hooray, all you 3P readers- its Friday!!  In honor of my slightly obsessive Pinterest activities this week, I am happy to share with you four bright and cheery pins I recently discovered.  And yes, these will totally help me prepare for the upcoming Valentines Day festivities, so I hope you find some inspiration from them too!  Enjoy these cheery, bright colors today, and have a wonderful weekend!

< I think I will now try wearing pink and red on a day other than Valentines! >

 < What is not to love about this photo?  My mouth is watering... >

 < One goal this year is to incorporate more fresh flowers into my life... Aren't these blooms just so cheery?? >

 < My kind of DIY gift bag, for sure! >

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Seasons of change

< Blooms in the front entryway (see more autumn and more December >

For everything... there is a season!  Therefore, I decorate for, dress for, and celebrate every season!  As the weather is officially turning cold and rainy in my neck of the woods (a.k.a, California 'winter' weather is arriving!), I am happily settling into my winter habits.  No, not hibernating- dressing in layers, drinking hot beverages, organizing everything I can, enjoying time by any fireplace, and planning for the year ahead.  Transitions are a part of life, right?  So we might as well enjoy them as they come along!  Here are some of the ways I celebrate the seasonal transitions- tell me, how do you enjoy transitioning from season to season throughout the year?

< Gotta keep the gold card active, right? >

 < Switching up the throw pillows on the couch is one of my favorite (and easiest!) ways to decorate for the current season >

< Maximizing wardrobe versatility made simple: layering a summer dress with a sweater, a scarf, tights, boots- or however many layers are necessary (summerwinter) >

< yes, I love being festive- right down to my nail polish choices! >

< Fewer blankets on the bed for warm summer evenings, and piles of warm blankets for winter nights keep my toes just the right amount of toasty throughout the year >

 < Wearing white year-round and making it work!  (summerwinter) >