Thursday, April 11, 2013

Bachelorette Party Decorations and Details

< A 'welcome' island for all the weekend's guests >

The 3P blog this week is filled with wonderful things as usual, including a lot about a great trip and Bachelorette celebration I got to be a part of last weekend with my two best friends.  I spent some time planning, and some other great friends pitched in with surprises for our brides to be which created one of the most wonderful weekends ever.  I had to fly cross-country for this trip, so many of the DIYs and decorations were packed snugly in my suitcase- as I unpacked and started decorating for our celebration weekend, my friend referenced Mary Poppins as I kept pulling things out of my bag and this made me a little too giddy, but what could I do as I was SO excited for our bachelorettes? Here is a little peek into the bachelorette party decorations that our wonderful group of girls enjoyed all weekend long.

Are you looking for some help with bachelorette party planning?  Send me an email ( and I will be happy to collaborate on an unforgettable weekend for you and your friends!

P.S.- See all the DIY projects I had fun creating for this weekend here.

< Pink and green were the colors of the weekend >

 < I attached ribbons to a table runner I had, and sprinkled thematic confetti along it for a fun touch >

< A simple backdrop and the fun little tassel garland made for a neat little 'photo booth' area >

< Treat bags for each guest and sugar cookies were snatched up by all! >

< For the guest favor bags, I used a plain white lunch bag and personalized it with a little paper sign in keeping with the weekend's theme.  I filled each bag with some bead necklaces in the weekend's theme colors, a light-up ring, some chocolates and gun, a few beauty items (chapstick, nail polish, and a beauty product sample), and a few medical supplies (Airborne, Advil, and Vitamin C) >

< I ordered personalized wine glasses from The Tipsy Grape- they were a great company to work with and I will definitely be a repeat customer! >

 < It was so cool to have our weekend's logo on our glasses! >

< The DIY wine charms were a great addition- everyone kept track of her glass that way! >

 < A basketful of cute t-shirts! >

< FNO Wear made out t-shirts with a personalized design... how awesome are they?  Everyone loved them! >

< Adorable, delicious, and (of course!) thematic cake pops from CAKEGoodness also sweetened up our wonderful bachelorette weekend! >


  1. Can't believe the amount of creative juice you poured into this past weekend!!! Except I know your friendship began in your early teens and has lasted, Lord willing and the creeks have been forged, though your paths have separated by continents sometimes. Congratulations!! You are, indeed, a Wedding Planner Fantistico!!

  2. Use decorations with bright colors, you want to grab the attention of the party can make your party more attractive by proper party decorations.

  3. Amen Gram! This friendship can move mountains with the amount of love and support our dear friend has poured out! Such an amazing weekend that we'll never forget, and these loving touches made it even more special (and fun)!