Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Bachelorette Party DIYs

< little DIYs add the perfect personal touch to a girls' weekend >

What happens when your two best friends in life are both engaged at the same time, and both getting married within the same year?  Well, lots of exciting things, to be truthful.  And of course, one of the greatest reasons ever to plan a fun trip with them, a bunch of great friends, and schedule all kinds of weekend fun in celebration of their engagements.  For this joint bachelorette party I was so excited to plan for my two friends, I decided I have to practically infuse all kinds of pretty, particularly of the DIY genre.  Since the bachelorette weekend was scheduled by the beach, I decided to create a palm tree theme with both of their favorite colors, and a splash of gold here and there.  Some of the items I created for this getaway weekend were cork wine charms, a tissue paper tassel garland, cork coasters, and delicious sugar cookies.  These DIY projects are all pretty simple, but its all in the details, right?  These items were a hit during our bachelorette weekend, so let me know if you are interested in help with any of your bachelorette part details and I will be glad to get you some 3P details in the mix!

DIY cork wine charms
< supplies: wine corks, eye pins, 'ring' earrings, beads for decoration >

 < DIY process: Soak corks in hot water for 10 or more minutes, cut to desired width.  Decorate as desired (I added each Bachelorette attendee's initials in gold puff paint on one side, and a dimensional palm tree sticker on the other side).  Poke eye pin through cork, bend the loose end and cover with a little glue.  Secure earring ring through eye pin, add decorative beads.  There you have it! >

< ta-da!  Each wine glass has a cute personalized touch >

DIY tissue tassel garland
< supplies: gather all the tissue paper colors you want to use, some sharp scissors, and string or twine in the length you need >

 < DIY process: fold several sheets in half lengthwise, then once width wise.  Fold again width wise and cut strips (these are your tassels), leaving about 2 inches at the top.  Unfold once, and cut down the middle to create two sections.  Unfold again, and grab one or several pieces together.  Roll your uncut middle portion of each piece like a hot dog, taking care that the tassel pieces to not become tangled.  Then twist this rolled portion around itself to create a little loop.  Glue this loop to twine or rope to create your tassel.  Alternate colors and arrange spacing for a beautiful garland. >

< ta-da!  Although this tissue tassel garland became somewhat smashed and wrinkled during the plane ride across the country, it was still fun to incorporate into the weekend decorations.  And one of my friends loved the idea so much she asked my to make one for her wedding (glad that the one I'll make for her won't have to endure a plane flight)! >

DIY cork coasters
< supplies: blank cork coasters, painters pens, craft glue, and glitter >

< DIY process: Decorate as desired.  I basically hand drew a little logo on one side with my painters pens and let dry. I then covered the other side with glue and glitter.  Once both sides were dry, I sprayed each side with a sealant spray and let dry in between. >

< ta-da!  Cute little coasters that are useful during a bachelorette trip and make for a great little souvenir once the ladies' weekend is over. >

DIY sugar cookies
< supplies: cookie cutter of your choice and a batch or two of your favorite sugar cookies >

< DIY process: prepare sugar cookie dough as desired (I made mine from scratch and doubled the recipe). Cut into your desired shape (I got my cookie cutter at Sur la Table) and bake.  Frost as desired (My sweet grandma helped me frost these, and she used a powdered sugar frosting recipe, which we colored with green and pink food coloring to stay thematic with the weekend). >

< ta-da!  These homemade sweets were gobbled up during our bachelorette adventures. >

P.S.- See how all these DIYs were incorporated into this amazing bachelorette party weekend.

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  1. I missed this post the first time around! These were all so amazing in person. Interesting that you need to soak the cork for the wine charms -- I would have never thought of that! Such great DIY projects!