Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer colors

This summer I have been drawn to bright, fun colors and lightweight fabrics with little layering involved.  It's been a hot one so far, people!  With the end of July here (where did this month go, by the way??), I know that we still have a few weeks of summer left, so I will continue to dress in summer attire, but all the while I may or may not be already dreaming of fall outfits.

To see more of my summer fashion from these past few months, click here.  To find some additional inspiration for summer outfits, follow my Pinterest board.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Current beauty favorites

Every now and then I like to share a snapshot of my favorite beauty supplies.  Back in high school, I rarely used any products- now I am possibly a product junky of sorts.  I love feeling pampered with great products- the only drawback is the tapping of my man's toes as he waits for me to finish using said products and FINALLY be ready to leave the house.  You know what I mean, beauty product ladies!  These beauty items are my favorites for this hot summer weather that seems to be never-ending.  Leave a comment and let me in on your favorite products for warm weather days!

Monday, July 29, 2013

Wonders from the weekend

 < beautiful agricultural scenes through the Great Central Valley >

Another weekend gone by, another few days of great adventures and wonderful memories intact!  This past weekend the man and I escaped the triple-digit heat of our hometown for a long drive through California to enjoy some time in the LA area.  The travel was definitely long and scenic, but time together in the car is something of a 3P treat.  I also read up on some random California history, so we feel that much more edified! The highlight of the weekend was cheering on a talented nephew as he competed in the Junior Olympics.  Like any other weekend, I really didn't want this one to end!  But here's cheers to a great week and a phenomenal start, 3P style, to the month of August! 

< When one of you is wanting Mexican food and the other is hungry for Italian, it is an amazing treat to find a great restaurant that serves both! >

 < It was awesome seeing so much talent at the Junior Olympics this weekend! >

 < Made it to the beach for a quick moment of relaxation and this great (yet overcast) view >

< stopped by the cutest bagel shop for a quick breakfast before we hit the road for home! >

Friday, July 26, 2013

Obsessed: dreamy fall fashion

TGIF, all you amazing 3P rockstars! How fast this week flew by, eh? I'm so glad that its still summer and there is much summer fun to be had! However, I am also concurrently dreaming of cooler fall weather and the cozy stylish fashion that arrives each year with the falling of the leaves... Or inevitably earlier, as the industry would have it. Two of my favorite companies, Ann Taylor and Stella & Dot have released some of the best fall collections I have seen. Basically, I'm enamored- so I had to dream up some delightful fall outfits with a few of my favorites from these collections. Enjoy dreaming of these fall outfits and imagining some of your own!

Have a great weekend, 3P style, and I will see you back here next week!

< Ann Taylor dress, Stella & Dot bag and bracelets (1, 2) >

< Ann Taylor sweater, Stella & Dot Mercury necklace and bag >

< Ann Taylor dress, Stella & Dot Peacock earrings, necklace, and bracelet >

< Ann Taylor blouse, Stella & Dot Kahlo bib necklace and earrings >

< Ann Taylor dress, Stella & Dot earrings, necklaces (1, 2), and wallet >

< Ann Taylor peplum top, Stella & Dot Frida necklace and scarf >

Thursday, July 25, 2013

New kitchen organization

 < everyday white dishes all lined up for display behind glass front cupboards >

Remember when I so happily shared my beautiful kitchen remodel with you?  I am still loving this brand new room and feel so blessed to have this wonderful new space.  As you faithful 3P readers know, I love me some organization, anytime, anywhere.  This new kitchen is pretty much completely organized, with just a few details to attend to.  I may or may not switch a few of these cupboard and drawer items around for a more useful set up, but in the meantime I am just loving the well organized shelves and drawers within this delightful new cabinetry. 

 < Another glass front cupboard, this one storing all kinds of glassware >
(See how some of this glassware used to be stored)

 < plastic 'tupperware' all stacked up for easy access, and cutting boards within arm's reach >

< glass Pyrex and large Corningware cooking dishes >

< this wonderful 36" drawer holds almost every cooking utensil I need on a day-to-day basis >

 < pots and pans are stored in the drawer above this one; the bottom drawer holds lids, strainers, and my beloved collection of Corningware >

< some shelves in the pantry- glass bowls make for a pretty display, and this lineup of cookbooks makes me think of a bookstore shelf! >

< remember my old drink station? Here is the simple start to the new one >

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

One skirt, three ways

One of my favorite closet challenges to present to myself is to rework one item into several different outfits for different occasion or with different styles.  This is one of my favorite ways to 'shop my closet' and create some new excitement about pieces that have been hanging around for a while.  Today I have taken a fun patterned pencil skirt and reworked it with three different styles that would all work well for separate occasion- the boho look for lunch with girlfriends, the preppy look for the office, and the glam look for a summer wedding or evening soiree.  Do you like reworking the current items in your closet? I hope this post provides you with some new motivation to do just that!

My skirt is now on sale, and you can find similar useful skirts here, here, and here.

< look 1: boho >
To create: add some flowing lace, brown leather-like accents, and neutral jewelry
Great for: lunch with girlfriends, casual meetings, or weekend brunch
Skirt: LOFT
Shirt: old, unknown
Belt: ON
Purse: H&M
Heels: Simply Vera Wang
Sunnies: BR
Jewelry: ON (necklace); Target (bracelets, earrings)

< look 2: preppy >
To create: use nautical stripes and a crisp blazer in classic navy
Great for: summer days at the office, work presentations, professional luncheon
Skirt: LOFT
Shirt: ON
Blazer: BR
Bag: Liz Claiborne
Heels: Jessica Simpson
Jewelry: Stella & Dot (necklace); Target (watch); BR (bracelet)

< look 3: glam >
To create: add a silky top, glimmering accessories, and metallic heels
Great for: a fancy summer wedding, a nice dinner out, an evening benefit event
Skirt: LOFT
Shirt: old, unknown label (also seen here)
Clutch: J.Crew (gifted)
Heels: Guess
Jewelry: WHBM (necklace and bracelet- similar here and here); Target (earrings); LOFT (ring)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

My July Birchbox

A Birchbox delivery adds a little beauty to the day it arrives, and its contents can add beauty any time they are used!  This shipment contained plenty of perfect products for summer vacations, in perfect travel sizes.  My hair will be less tangled, my skin will be more moisturized, my hands will receive a gourmet sanitization, and the new Juicy scent in this box will surely become one of my new go-to sprays.  Not to mention, my face is super excited about this BB cream I get to try!

Looking for your own delivery of sweet beauty supplies?  Sign up for Birchbox here!

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wonders from the weekend

< beautiful view from this weekend's home away from home >

Another great summer weekend, check!  We escaped the triple-digit heat thanks to the amazing planning skills of one of my best friends, and headed up to the beauty of Tahoe for a relaxing few days with friends, boating time, great laughs, funny dance moves, and scrumptious food.  It is weekends like this that make the best summer memories, long after those days of summer camp.  I am so thankful for all of the incredible friendships in my life, and am glad that so many weekends are filled with time with these friends!

Whatever you are facing this week, make it a great one- 3P style, of course!

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< iced caffeine for a few hours on the road >

 < vibrant blooms by the clear, beautiful blue lake that is Tahoe >

 < tasty burgers for a lunchtime break during a day full of boating >

< there is no place like Lake Tahoe >

Friday, July 19, 2013

Stella & Dot's fabulous Fall 2013 line! (and a mystery hostess giveaway!)

TGIF!  Today is the day I have been waiting for because of several reasons... 1) its FRIDAY!!  2) a fun getaway weekend is about to be enjoyed, and 3) the release of the most amazing Stella & Dot collection yet is happening today!  I just had to share my love of all the great designs available in this Stella & Dot Fall 2013 collection, because I basically would love to have one of everything. :-)

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Update!  The contest has ended and the winner has been contacted.

Aren't there just so many great pieces in this fall collection??  Choose what you like and you'll be adding some favorite new pieces to your accessories wardrobe.  Shop the mystery hostess party today through August 9th so you don't miss the chance to win all of the hostess credits (aka free Stella & Dot jewelry)! (Winner will be announced on the blog Monday August 12th.)

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Studio makeover reveal!

Happy Thursday, all y'all 3P wonderfuls!  Life has been so crazy busy lately but is making for one fantastic summer!  Today I am so excited to share with you a recent project I completed (along with the help of a sweet and talented friend)- we rearranged, redecorated, and revealed a 'new' studio space for our amazing friend Carrie of For One Another.  The preparation for this decorating project took about a week, including a few hours for working on some easy DIY projects.  I kept the color palette in the Tiffany blue range, with a few touches of green, yellow, and tan- this color collection kept the whole studio space cohesive and free-flowing.  I was so thankful to have the help of my friend, because together we accomplished in about 3 hours what I imagined might take me a good full day.  So here you are, my sweet friend's newly decorated studio space!

 < before: the couch separated her condo space by basically dividing the place in half >

 < before: a mostly blank canvas in the bedroom area, and a tall shelf awkwardly adding height to the wall >

 < before: blank walls and a fireplace set in the middle of nowhere >

 < before: a bathroom lacking some fun style touches >

 < before:  the shower area, in need of a little color >

< before: notice how the couch is dividing the studio space >

 < before: the cute little kitchen space in need of a few whimsical touches >

Enter, the decorative touches and furniture arranging, 3P style!

 < after: the couch is moved to be adjacent with a long wall, opening up the studio space.  The tall leaning shelf is moved to a wall where its height makes more sense >

 < after: adding curtains and a few colorful accents make all the difference in the bedroom space >

 < after: calming shades of blue make for a peaceful bedroom zone >

 < after: a storage ottoman can serve as a side table, extra seating, or a nightstand.  A large basket is the perfect place to collect extra blankets for cool evenings.  The entertainment center is streamlined and becomes the focal point on the wall opposite the couch >

 < after: an eclectic collection of pillows rest on the couch.  Artwork creates a mini gallery wall behind the couch and helps define the space.  A Threshold pouf from Target rest beside the sofa to serve multiple functions as a side table, a footrest, or extra seating when needed.  A set of sheer curtains masks the closet space >

 < after: the bathroom gets a few pops of color >

 < after: a bright white shower curtain and colorful cotton towels and brightness and color >

< after: doesn't this just make you want to curl up and relax in this adorable studio? >