Thursday, July 18, 2013

Studio makeover reveal!

Happy Thursday, all y'all 3P wonderfuls!  Life has been so crazy busy lately but is making for one fantastic summer!  Today I am so excited to share with you a recent project I completed (along with the help of a sweet and talented friend)- we rearranged, redecorated, and revealed a 'new' studio space for our amazing friend Carrie of For One Another.  The preparation for this decorating project took about a week, including a few hours for working on some easy DIY projects.  I kept the color palette in the Tiffany blue range, with a few touches of green, yellow, and tan- this color collection kept the whole studio space cohesive and free-flowing.  I was so thankful to have the help of my friend, because together we accomplished in about 3 hours what I imagined might take me a good full day.  So here you are, my sweet friend's newly decorated studio space!

 < before: the couch separated her condo space by basically dividing the place in half >

 < before: a mostly blank canvas in the bedroom area, and a tall shelf awkwardly adding height to the wall >

 < before: blank walls and a fireplace set in the middle of nowhere >

 < before: a bathroom lacking some fun style touches >

 < before:  the shower area, in need of a little color >

< before: notice how the couch is dividing the studio space >

 < before: the cute little kitchen space in need of a few whimsical touches >

Enter, the decorative touches and furniture arranging, 3P style!

 < after: the couch is moved to be adjacent with a long wall, opening up the studio space.  The tall leaning shelf is moved to a wall where its height makes more sense >

 < after: adding curtains and a few colorful accents make all the difference in the bedroom space >

 < after: calming shades of blue make for a peaceful bedroom zone >

 < after: a storage ottoman can serve as a side table, extra seating, or a nightstand.  A large basket is the perfect place to collect extra blankets for cool evenings.  The entertainment center is streamlined and becomes the focal point on the wall opposite the couch >

 < after: an eclectic collection of pillows rest on the couch.  Artwork creates a mini gallery wall behind the couch and helps define the space.  A Threshold pouf from Target rest beside the sofa to serve multiple functions as a side table, a footrest, or extra seating when needed.  A set of sheer curtains masks the closet space >

 < after: the bathroom gets a few pops of color >

 < after: a bright white shower curtain and colorful cotton towels and brightness and color >

< after: doesn't this just make you want to curl up and relax in this adorable studio? >

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