Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Stella & Dot spotlight

A few months ago, a sweet friend of mine introduced me to Stella & Dot.  I had previously heard of this brand, but had never seen any of the items up close and personal.  When I got to host and attend a Stella & Dot party, I wanted to take home pretty much every piece I saw!  The trendy earrings!  The bracelets that would be the hit of any arm party!  The necklaces that would finish off an outfit with just the right touch of bling!  I did in fact practice a good amount of self-restraint in my purchasing during said party, but these are the lovely little items I ended up ordering- and jumped with joy when they arrived in my mailbox after just a few short days!

 < Why, hello!  Sweetest packaging! >

 < Girl power! >

< Just love all of these beautiful baubles and am totally loving wearing them! >

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