Thursday, May 17, 2012

Memories from Belgium and Bavaria

< Beautiful view in the Parc de Bruxelles >

The second leg of my European voyage included time in Brussels, Bruges, Munich, and Regensburg.  Although it was still raining pretty much everywhere I went, I just wrapped myself up in a raincoat and scarf, toted my umbrella around, and had fun enjoying the sights with the friends I was with!  Here are a few pictures from this portion of my vacation (and will wrap up all of my vacation posts this week- see here for pictures while I was in London, and here for outfits I wore during my trip).  As looking at any vacation pictures always makes me want to go back to that place and time, I really do want to head back to Europe soon!

< Inside the Royal Palace in Brussels >

< Taking an afternoon hot chocolate break (the richest ever!) during a stormy downpour >

 < The Grote Markt/Grand Place in Brussels >

 < Lovely scenery in Bruges >

 < Loved these vines and the quaint town of Bruges! >

 < Headed toward our canal cruise... >

< Ducking under low bridges during the canal cruise in Bruges >

< The next day, it was off to Munich- my first time on Ryanair! >

 < Sausage and beer to welcome me to Germany >

 < Breathtaking views at the Linderhof Palace >

< The magical, man-made grotto at Linderhof >

 < Enjoying the beauty of the Alps with my sweet friend >

 < The stunning cathedral in Regensburg >

 < Enjoying the beautiful nature surrounding me during a walk through Queens Park in Munich >

 < Feeling like king of the traveling world! >

 And then it was back to London for one more day...
 < Final afternoon tea time in England >

Before flying home again, home again, jiggety jog...
< Back to California sunsets! >


  1. I want that hot chocolate again!!

  2. Your England pictures made me want to go back there but your shots of the quaint town of Bruges were enticing. Your pink scarf and tan jacket were a match for the beautiful buildings behind you.

    Cathedrals are few and far between here but there are many in England and Europe and each one so ornate, built long before there were large cranes and heavy equipment to accomplish men's dreams. Amazing!