Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Operation sink organization

I always love a quick spring cleaning project!  Confession: my cupboards are not always as organized as I want them to be.  Until, that is, the day that I can no longer stand for the disorganized chaos.  Enter: my cleaning and organizational self.  The poor space under our sink had suffered too long in a state of disarray, so it received a nice little makeover the other day.  Not the most beautiful makeover ever, but what exactly can be done when the plumbing takes up a large majority of the space in said cupboard?  For now, although it is not the most pretty space ever, it certainly is more practical than it had been before.  Hooray for a clean and more logically organized kitchen cupboard!

< Before: Thrown together, semi-cluttered >

< After: One additional shelf helps provide a space for everything- makes all the difference! >

< After: The most-used items are now easily accessible at the front of the cupboard >

< After: the small brush/broom and the fly swatter hang from 3M hooks for quick access >

< After: less commonly used items, and extra supplies, are stored on a shelf in the maze of pipes under the sink , but can be grabbed as needed >

< After: the three items that are used daily are not jumbled amongst everything else, and are very easy to reach as needed >

Want some additional under-the-sink organization inspiration?  Check out this Real Simple article.

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