Monday, May 14, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< Baseball game time, birthday cake delight, polka dots and my favorite bird ring for Mother's Day, finally getting a glance at The Shops at Target, and 'Paradise' time with family! >

Happy Monday, 3P wonderfuls! This weekend sure flew by, but was packed with fun times with family and friends. Mother's Day and a good friend's birthday stuffed me full of good food and had me laughing up a storm. As this was also my first weekend back at home after some amazing travel time, it was great to be back in my own bed and enjoy the town I call home. This week is going to be full of warm, sunshiny, days, but stay tuned for travel pictures, outfits, and all kinds of Particularly Practical Prettiness. Whatever you are facing this week, make it a great one!

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