Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Touchdown in Londontown

< The one and only... Harrods! >

As you may have guessed after reading Trip packing, I was recently on an amazing trip with a few stops in Europe!  The first stop was London, which meant a week full of culture, sightseeing, rain, walking all over that wonderful town, and consuming so much delicious food with my best friend.  Although I am a city girl at heart, I really only love visiting the big cities- and let me tell you, London is one city I will love to visit again and again!  In fact, this really was the third time I have walked the streets of London- but because my friend is living over there, this time I had a very personal look at the "inside" of London- sights and museums I had never visited before made me feel like I was becoming a true Londoner (thank you, friend!!).  Now, I think its time to bring that lovely practice of afternoon tea to my neck of the woods.  That's sorted, cheers!

P.S.- Stay tuned later this week for more pictures and outfit details from my trip! 

< Sandwich meal on the plane, and filling out my customs card >

< Totally in awe, inside Harrods >

< Visiting the Victoria & Albert museum with my BFF! >

 < A wonderful day at Hampton court >

< Happy hour, London style >

< Enjoying a beautiful afternoon of sunshine and the beauty of St. Paul's Cathedral >

 < Pimm's and paella on the London streets >

< Visiting Kensigton Palace and loving the bright, beautiful blooms in the garden! >

< Afternoon tea at The Orangery >

 < Taking a leisurely walk through Covent Gardens >

 < Friends at the (somewhat creepy) Tower of London! >

 < Tea time during a lovely date at the Tate (Modern) >

 < Posh flats in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea >

< Cheers, London!  It's been grand, lovely! >


  1. Amazing memories and wonderful pictures!

  2. Oh,your pictures of London made me want to go buy a ticket and FLY-y-y-y!

  3. Loving this pictures so much! I am glad that you had a great time :)