Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Outfits from my Europe trip

< My suitcase items helped me make it through rain and shine! >

Almost two weeks in Europe was absolutely wonderful!  Thankfully, what I packed in my suitcase helped me feel warm on the cold and rainy days, and just right whenever there was sunshine!  You can see everything I packed in this post, and here I am today happily sharing the details of what I stowed in my suitcase, and the outfits that I wore during my trip, thanks to everything that fit in my luggage!  Thank goodness I checked the weather constantly before I left, because I was fairly well prepared for all the rain and gray days that appeared overhead for much of my time in the U.K., Belgium, and Germany.  But no matter the weather, I had a great time in every location! (And I would like to say a big thanks to my best friend, who snapped most of these outfit photos, and to my brother, who also snapped a few- this post would not be possible without the help from you two!)

What I packed for an (almost) 2 week trip to Europe:

1 navy raincoat with a hood (thank goodness for this!!)
1 leather jacket
1 navy knit blazer
5 dresses (although I only wore 4)
2 pairs of jeans
1 pair of black leggings (which I wore only on the plane rides)
2 skirts
5 pullover sweaters
1 cardigan sweater
5 t-shirts (2 of which I did not end up ever wearing)
2 undershirts
1 pair of pajamas
3 scarves (my favorite accessories because they kept me warm!)
Tennis shoes and 2 sets of workout gear
1 pair wedge boots (so comfortable for walking in, and kept my feet dry during the wet weather)
2 pairs of flats (and I only ended up using 1 pair outside)
Various socks and brown and navy tights
2 belts, 2 pairs of sunglasses (thank goodness, because one broke!), and various jewelry
One large handbag, one small cross-body bag
One small, trusty umbrella

As I mentioned in my Trip packing post, I aimed to keep everything in the same color scheme I had planned: blues, browns, and greens.  I packed belts that matched my shoes and handbags, so that I could make pretty much any outfit feel pulled together.  Layering with tights, undershirts, sweaters, and the jackets I packed kept me plenty warm on the cooler days, and the scarves I brought along added the perfect amount of warmth when needed (these are also easy to stick in our purse when not needed because they can roll up easily).  I was able to do a load of laundry during the trip, because my friend was so kind to host me at her flat and let me use her washing machine- this was truly helpful in not making my suitcase stinky, and allowing me to re-wear clothes once they were clean!  Although I really missed wearing high heels for the length of my trip, my feet were glad to have flats (and just a small wedge on my wedge boots) for all of the walking I did throughout each day, especially when I was traveling over cobblestone streets!  Rolling all of my clothing to store it neatly in my 24" suitcase allowed me to bring all of the above items I listed in a checked bag, for free- and I really feel like I was able to create some fun, comfortable outfits during my trip. (Note, I chose to wear comfortable leggings with bulkier items (heavier sweaters, thicker jackets, and boots) for the plane rides, so that room could be saved in my suitcase.  And this plan also kept me warm in the cold airplane cabins!)

What I wore on my Europe trip:
 < Left: plane ride to London; Right: visit to Brompton Road >

< Left: rainy weekend walk in London; Right: visit to The Tower of London>

< Left: day at Hampton Court; Right: financial district and Kensington Palace >

< Left: evening in Brussels; Right: plane trip to Munich >

< Left: cold, rainy day at Linderhof; Right: walking around Munich >

< Left: visit to the Tate Modern; Right: flying home >

See more pictures from my trip here, and keep an eye out for some more in tomorrow's post!

A few outfit details from my trip:
 < Sock bun time: perfect for a windy day! >

< The boots and flats sandwiching the boat shoes were my foot warriors throughout the trip!  The weather was never really nice enough to don boat shoes... oh well! >

< Lunch date at the Tate >

< The jewelry I packed: silver, gold, antiqued bronze, and brown >

Also, in lieu of a Weekly Wardrobe Win poll today, leave a comment and let me know your favorite outfit from my vacation collection featured here!  I will be happy to announce the winning outfit on my Facebook page next Monday!


  1. Such amazing style! You fit right in the London fashion scene my friend and provided some much-needed inspiration! Only you could look this stylish while traveling. xoxo

  2. Loved your outfit for the Financial District and Evening in Brussels. (Also loved that bun!)

  3. Girl,that bag in picture # 8 is to die for! And the pic of your outfit for Hampton Court is now on my inspiration file! Great job packing and thanks so much for sharing.


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  5. Really loved how detailed this post is! Having a peek into someone's travel wardrobe is so inspiring for future trips.