Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It is somewhat difficult to believe that Mother's Day is upon us already this year, but indeed it is time to celebrate some of the awesome women in our lives this weekend!  Sometimes finding the perfect gift for your mom/aunt/grandma/friend can be challenging for Mother's Day and other holidays, so I pulled a few fun gift ideas together that would surely brighten the day of the women that you look up to.  Some other last-minute gift ideas I have include a floral arrangement filled with her favorite candy bars, a cute cosmetics case with travel size lotions, perfumes, and nail polishes, and a homemade cd of songs that remind you of her.  

Also, check out my Practically Brunching and Practically Pretty Tablescapes boards on Pinterest if you are looking for some Mother's Day brunch inspiration.  Need an invite to Pinterest? Just drop me a line at

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