Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Colorful spring hues

< Aqua awesomeness >

I love color- the happiness it can bring, the ways it can inspire, and the coordination it can provide to tie things together.  Case in point: spring weather and spring colors- you just don’t typically see lilac in the wintertime, or hunter green in the summer, right?  In lieu of a weekly outfit post today, I am feeling very colorful and sharing my recent spring outfits, organized-of course- by color. Sharing my outfits on this blog has really helped me venture into wearing colors and styles that I otherwise would not challenge myself to wear. Take, for example-red. This is a color I really haven't rotated through my closet since my spirit girl days in fourth grade, but the recent 'brights' trend has made me realize I want to include a little pop of red here and there in some outfits. And go figure, one of my  'red' outfits (which I wasn't sure I loved) was selected as the Weekly Wardrobe Win by you fabulous 3P voters! Anyway, here are lots of colorful spring outfits for you to enjoy today, as seen in recent outfit posts here: 12345678,  Tell me, what are your favorite colors to wear during spring?

< Neutrals with a color splash >

 < Goin' ahead with red >

< Light pink-a-link >

< Hues of blue >

 < Pop of bright pink >

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  1. When someone asks me what my favorite color is, my answer is "colors of the seas" and my favorite is definitely teal - all shades. For 'pop' colors I like light yellow or spring green. For unusual I like the animal prints we've seen more this last two years. For summer I like navy blue - all shades - (not solid next to my face) with almost any color and white.
    You can guess which of your wardrobe sets I like the best!