Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011!

It has been such a busy, amazing year!  2011 flew by for me- did it do the same for you?

Thank you for all of the support you have all given to me through comments, conversations, and emails to keep me blogging- and most of all, thank you for loving the 3P posts!  Here is a look back at 2011, with some favorite posts.

Wishing all you fabulous 3P readers a safe, happy, and fun New Years Eve, and a wonderful, healthy, amazing 2012!

xo, Melanie

< The post that started it all... In the beginning... >

Nude Shoes that were a huge hit with me, and the post was a huge hit with you readers! >

 < Sharing some rock-star ideas in Rock On >

< And can't leave out this freezer organization! >

 < Sharing lots of cheetah love in Cat Attack! >

 < Patriotic decorations from Independent Decorating >

< Taking some fashion advice in Ditto That, Dutchess!, and providing some outfit inspiration in My Lucky 13 >

 < Check out my jewelry hospital for some ideas for bauble repairs >

 < Fall outfits for cold weather wear >

< Organizing the collection of nail polish in  Drawer Revamp >

< Infusing my life with Instagram! >

 < Sweets and treats for Christmas cookies >

 < And my favorite DIY thus far, glitter bags! >

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Details, details

Hooray for Thursday and the upcoming New Year's Eve weekend!  This week has been ultra-busy, both with work and fun activities, so you may notice that the 3P posts this week are a little different than normal.  Not to worry, I will be back in action completely after the New Year!  In the meantime, here are a few of my most recent favorites, for your total enjoyment!

< Pearls, chains, and sparkles >

 < Festive clutches : Plumes from The Limited, vintage red, glitter from J.Crew >

< Handy-dandy fashion reference library >

< My favorite holiday-time style cocktail: bold and/or sparkly polish and shiny arm candy >

< Big watches are growing on me: Anne Klein, Target, and (pink! arm slap!) from Santa >

 < Cheetah print + gray with gold >

< Gold rings. My new obsession >

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wrapping up from Christmas!

Well, I know that Christmas is behind us, but I am still thrilled to be enjoying the Christmas spirit- times with family and friends have made every day and evening amazing these past few days!  Last week, much of my time (and some of the hubs') was devoted to preparing for Christmas celebrations, and wrapping presents was not excluded in these preparations.  I think we have a pretty good system down now- box one night, wrap the next, and tie bows on the third- I only wish that a nice vacation was a result of completing this mission!  Kidding aside, the joy of distributing these gifts and seeing even the smallest amount of joy on the recipients face is enough to warm your heart for a long time.  Obviously, mine is still very warm as I am still happily posting about Christmas!  Anyway, enjoy seeing these photos of our present packaging process and tell me, what is your method for gift wrapping success?

< Night One: Box and label >

 < Night Two: Wrap boxes and transfer labels to outside >

< Night Three: Affix bows and other package decor, and apply real gift tag.  Place under tree and admire the Christmas beauty! >

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cookies from Christmas!

The other day I had a few short hours to complete last minute Christmas preparations, and baking was one of the items I wanted to mark of my list. Enter: bar cookies! Not only are these simple to make, they usually are gobbled up wherever I take them. In just a few short hours, I was able to make 2 dishes of layered cookies, one dish of chocolate peanut butter layer bars, one dish of vacuum cleaner bars, and a giant dish of fudge, both plain and with walnuts. These cookies were great to have on hand over the Christmas weekend, and I was happy to share some baked love with friends and family. Tell me, did you bake anything for Christmas weekend?

< Prepping to bake... >

 < All baked and smelling delicious! >

< Wrapped and ready to deliver! >

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wonderful Christmas Wonders!

Wow, what an amazing Christmas weekend this was! Had a great time celebrating the Reason for the Season with family and friends, and hope that you did too! Just a quick post today to wish all you 3P readers a fantastic week after what should have been an incredibly wonderful weekend!

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas at Grandma's

< Snowmen and Christmas trees in the front entryway >

My grandma is one amazing decorator- for every holiday and season, her house is totally made over to reflect the current celebrations.  My grandpa plays a very important role in this system too, as he is helpful in much of the storing and un-storing processes that take place because of my grandma's wonderful skills and all of her seasonal decorations.  I really love visiting my grandparent's house any day of the year, but Christmas is one of my favorites. I have so many cherished memories from this house, and Christmas memories- such as family gathered on sofas around the tree and smiling, more food and baked goods than you could imagine, hide-the-thimble games of hide-and-seek when we were younger, scavenger hunts for presents, and most of all, family prayers that always bring a grateful tear or two to my eyes- are my favorite to reflect upon when all of my grandparent's Christmas decorations are out on display.  Earlier this week, I found an amazing email in my inbox containing pictures of my grandma's Christmas decorating displays.  I am so happy to share these with you, because these are treasured pictures in my eyes.  The husband and I will be spending some Christmas time at this house in the next few days, so now you 3P readers can enjoy looking at Grandma's decorations much like we will be doing when we are there!

Happy Friday, Merry Chirstmas-Eve-Eve, Happy Everything, and have a wonderful and blessed Christmas weekend!

 < 'Fruits of the Spirit' ornaments I made for my grandma several years ago lay nestled in a garland of snow and are a great way to memorize the Fruits of the Spirit! >

 < The cutest placemats ever and a simple centerpiece with oversized ornaments >

< A sweet collection of carolers add color and fun to white book shelves >

< Too cute-  Christmas books and movies on display >

 < Angels atop the piano bringing 'Tidings of Comfort and Joy >

 < The BELIEVE nativity set that many women in my family are lucky enough to have! >

< Snowmen and Santas rest on a windowsill ledge (maybe these are Grandma's little elves!) >

< Left: Decorations hanging on chair backs add some Christmas flair to the dining room; Right: A china cupboard is filled with angels, nutcrackers, Santas, and little seasonal 'pics' of berries and fir >

< And last but not least, a small sampling of the many nativity sets my grandma has collected over the years (and to this day, we may or may not all play 'Can you find all of the nativity sets?').  Her collection has inspired to start the same kind! >

Thursday, December 22, 2011

DIY Photo Booth Props

< Gather your materials in one place as the first step: red, black and white foam sheets, wooden dowels, and scissors >

It's a very rare occasion to have two DIY posts on this blog in one week, but I guess the Christmas spirit has me feeling fairly crafty (you can see the first DIY post this week here).  For a fun addition to a Christmas party last weekend, I came up with the idea of creating a homemade photo booth space with mustache and lip sticks to use as props.  Thanks so some inspiration found online, I was able to quickly craft my own smiles on a stick.  See below for the simple steps I took to create these photo booth props (which were a total hit at the party), and let me know if this project inspires you to create something for an upcoming party!

 < I am not much of an artist (if you can't tell by my drawing skills shown here), but I free-handed a few lip and mustache shapes ...

... To use as stencils  on the foam sheets >

< Smooooch! >

 < After cutting all the shapes, I grouped them into separate piles: lips, different kinds of mustaches, fake cigarettes, smoking pipes, and a Santa Beard.  I then attached each foam shape to a separate wooden dowel with tape (for time's sake, will be replaced with glue eventually). >

< The completed props sit nicely in a Mason jar, ready to be put to use in a photo booth! >

< The ladies of the party really enjoyed these props! >

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Weekly Wardrobe

Happy Wednesday, you fabulous 3P followers!  This week there is so much to do and so little time...  After seeing a commercial for a Hallmark ornament that counts down the days, minutes, and seconds until Christmas, I almost feel like that ornament is in my brain- tick, tock, tick, tock!  Here is a snapshot of a few outfits I have worn lately- keep an eye out next week for some very festive ideas.  Good luck with everything you are working on this week, happy dressing and accessorizing, and make today a great day!

3P readers are the best!!

- Above outfit -
Occasion: work
Sweater (shirt): ON
Cardigan: BR
Skirt: The Limited
Boots: TJ Maxx
Jewelry: (Kenneth Cole, BR, The Limited (necklaces), Citizen (watch), BR, F21 (bracelets), For One Another Foundation friendship bracelet
(* see a closer version of this wrist party on my Pose profile- I just started using Pose this week!)

- Above outfit -
Occasion: Christmas Shopping
Sweaters: same as first outfit
Jeans: BR
Boots: TJ Maxx
Jewelry: same as first outfit (unicorn ring is from F21)

- Above outfit -
Occasion: work
Dress: LOFT (also seen here)
Sweater: F21
Belt: ON
Purse: Nine West
Jewelry: ...Oops!  I failed to put on any jewelry when I wore this outfit!  Epic fail!

- Above photo -
Occasion: meetings and errands
Dress (worn as skirt and collar): F21 (I LOVE the little horse pattern on this dress!)
Sweater: ON
Boots: Make Me Chic
Purse: Nine West
Jewelry: BR, Simply Vera Wang (necklaces), Tiffany (ring and bracelet)

- Above outfit -
Occasion: work
Coat: Victoria's Secret (gift)
Dress: BR
Blouse: Gap
Heels: Simply Vera Wang
Jewelry: F21 (necklace), BR (earrings), old (unknown) ring

- Above photo -
Occasion: work
Dress (worn as skirt): BR
Sweater and coat: ON
Heels: Nine West
Jewelry: The Limited (necklace), Citizen (watch), LOFT, Tiffany, F21 (bracelets), For One Another Foundation friendship bracelet

- Above photo -
Occasion: wrapping presents
Sweater: F21
Scarf: handmade by my Grandma Honey
Jeans: American Eagle (old)
Kicks: Keds (you can also see an up-close of these on my Pose profile)