Tuesday, December 20, 2011

December DailyBuzz Style 9x9: DIY holiday gift

 < DIY materials gathered and ready to be put to use! >

I am so happy to share with you that I have been selected by the editors at DailyBuzz Style to create a DIY holiday gift for the December DailyBuzz 9x9!  I used my recent bag makeover DIY project as a submission to this contest, and also as inspiration for this DIY project.  When I saw these cute little bags at Forever 21, I knew they would be the perfect item to add a little DIY sparkle to in order to create a personalized holiday gift.  These bags are the perfect size to hold make up or other essentials during daily use, but also have the ideal amount of space to stash a piece of jewelry or a gift card in- and with a little personalized DIY art (a.k.a, my glue and glitter creations), a plain bag becomes a bag made with love and can make whatever is stowed inside it that much more meaningful!  I mean, how fun to open a box and find a DIY glitter bag inside, and then unzip the bag to discover another present!  This is what some lovely ladies in my life will be receiving in the next few days... shhh!

Keep reading to discover the simple steps I used to create these DIY glitter bags.  Let me know if this inspires you to do some DIY gift crafting, and have a great day! 

< First, consider what kind of pattern you want to create with the glitter.  I decided to start with a chevron pattern and used a small paintbrush to apply the glitter glue to the bag in this pattern (I drew this and all patterns freehand, so as to add a more personal touch) >

< Once you complete your pattern with the glitter glue, pour on the sparkle!  Dust off the excess glitter and set aside to dry while you work on additional bags >

< On to the second DIY glitter bag: I decided to attempt and argyle pattern- although this took a while to create with the glitter glue, I was pleased with the result (Note the air bag inside this red bag- I used these packing materials to give my DIY project bags some additional structure during the glue and glittering process) >

< After covering the glue pattern with glitter, I dusted off the excess and used a q-tip to remove additional glitter to define the pattern (the glitter really stuck to these bags, so I also used a little water on the q-tip to help remove additional sparkles) >

 < My little craft family... After using the gold and the blue topaz glitter, I decided to pull out the little jar of copper sparkles to create a DIY pattern on an additional bag >

 < The same process was used for this bag- paint the pattern with glitter glue, pour on the glitter, and shake off the excess.  Wait until you see what this pattern was- its my favorite! >

< Once you are finished gluing and glittering and have removed all excess glitter, this sealer is the finishing touch!  I moved my DIY glitter bags to a well ventilated area and protected them with this Glitter Blast Clear Sealer >

< Ta-da!  Four DIY glitter bags with a lovely personal touch.  Can't wait to gift these lovelies! >

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