Thursday, December 8, 2011


< Silver and sage in the front entryway- I love the reindeer, and the white feathers are my favorite touch! >

I love to decorate- a little cheer here, some sparkle over there, a garland strung high, seasonal pillows on the couches and chairs- I just can't ever seem to get enough!  The Christmas season is one of my most favorite times of the year for many reasons, notwithstanding my love of crafting a Christmas house with decorations galore.  This year I am happy to say that the house decorating process went very quickly, in part due to hours spent in past December months creating garlands and arranging decor just so, and in part due to my motivation to get everything up as quickly as possible so as to enjoy it for the longest amount of time as possible.  Knowing that most of our neighbors had their Christmas lights up the day after Thanksgiving may or may not have also prompted a feeling of urgency in regards to both indoor and outdoor yuletide decor.  With scented candles hidden in almost every room, the Christmas decorations feel much more seasonal, and the glow of Christmas lights from the garland and the tree casts a warm glow on these dark winter evenings.  Here are some pictures of the decoration details in my house this Christmas month for you to enjoy- tell me, what do you enjoy most about decorating for this season? 

< A nature-colored vision inspired the green, greenery, and touches of silver in the dining/living room- silver candlesticks I have collected over time are grouped on the dining table and accented with pine cones, a precious nativity rests on the piano top, and DIY ornament groupings hang in the windows beneath garlands >

< Red and green festive touches brighten up the back hallway- tabletop trees and snow are nestled next to a bookcase, and word signs "Joy," "Peace," and "Love" rest on the bookshelves next to holly and ivy >

< Touches of pink and gold add Christmas flair to one guest bedroom .  I love using Christmas decorations in a room's current color scheme so that red and green aren't on overload throughout the house >

< Touches of gold add Christmas cheer to our master bed and bath.  A collection of angels I have had since I was little sit next to a small Christmas tree on my dresser top >

 < Primary colors- red, blue, and green- welcome one and all in our living room.  Birds and berries rest in a garland placed on the fireplace mantel, while gold deer sit regally on the coffee table.  My new and beloved Deer in Snow pillow cover from Pottery Barn makes its debut this month! >

< And of course, the kitchen gets a little Christmas love too!  Primary colors are also used in this space to warm the area with Christmas cheer >

(PS- You can see other seasonal decorations in my house hereherehere, and here)

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  1. What a beautifully festive house! I love that you decorate your master bedroom and bathroom so you two can enjoy the festive feel of your whole house in your private space.