Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Harvest History

< Thanksgiving table- turned out pretty much how I wanted it to look! >

I know that Thanksgiving is behind us and most of us are now focusing on Christmas and other December holidays, but before this November month is officially over (just in time!), I want to share the tablescape and little turkey day decor that made me so happy last week.  As I have mentioned before (as noted here), I enjoying decorating with harvest and general fall decor in the autumn months because 1), I am not a huge fan of Halloween decorations and 2), transitioning from Halloween to Thanksgiving is made so much easier when just the small things need to be changed up.  Because we were hosting Thanksgiving dinner this year, I was happy to display my growing pilgrim figurine collection (who knew!) and a few turkeys here and there to add some Thanksgiving ambiance to the occasion.  I also enjoyed looking for inspiration for tabletop decorations (you can read more about that here), and settled on a somewhat-rustic-with-a-dash-of-elegance kind of theme. To see more detailed pictures of this table setting and centerpiece, check out my Facebook and Twitter pages.  Now all of these decoration items are being packed away in order to prepare for Christmas decor, but all in all I was happy to have these spice up Thanksgiving day at our place this year.

 < Pumpkins and pilgrims on top of a bookcase (see more about the bookcase here) >

 < More pilgrims and a cute set of 'Thanks' pumpkins on another bookcase top >

< A welcoming turkey inside the entryway >

< A Ma and Pa turkey couple greeting you inside the front hall >

< A fall-themed beverage station for guests to enjoy >