Monday, November 14, 2011

Wonders from the weekend

< Freshly grated parmesan during dinner with the girls >

What a weekend this was, full of fun, catch-up time, and completely productive work on projects!  Friday night I enjoyed a celebratory dinner with the girls at our favorite local Italian eatery, and concluded that we are really one of the best groups of friends ever.  Saturday and Sunday were spent running errands, spending a little ocd cleaning time at home, completing another part of scuba certification classes, and working with the hubs on a few projects we have been wanting to complete.  I'm pretty sure I could still use a nap to recover from this weekend, but because this week is slammed, I will just pretend that I have all the necessary energy to complete everything!  Hope all of you had a wonderful weekend, and here's cheers to a great week for all of you fabulous 3P followers!

(PS- You can see a little more about my weekend on Facebook (plus catch up on my 30-day Photo Challenge), Twitter, and Instagram- just look for ParticularlyPracticallyPretty!)

< First signs of Christmas out in the community >

 < Starting to compile supplies for an on-hand emergency kit >

 < Scuba swimming time! >

< Almost complete makeover project... Can't wait to share this with you! >

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