Wednesday, November 9, 2011

SOS, Jewelry Version

< A little box that serves as the ICU for my jewelry in need of repair >

I love jewelry, and most of what I have in my collection falls under the costume category.  Whenever a repair is needed for a necklace, bracelet, or earring, I store it in this little "jewelry hospital" box I made and save it for a rainy project day.  Well, just the other night I happened to have some time (and the patience) to finally repair some jewelry that has been patiently waiting it out in this little box.  After a little work, ta-da!  Two necklaces and two bracelets are back in action!  Now these will be stored in their original homes (see here and here) and be back into rotation! 

< Jewelry Hospital - top layer: wounded jewelry, bottom layer: tools (as seen here) and supplies >

 < Before: strands came loose on a favorite bracelet! >

< After: thanks to some handy pliers, the bracelet is repaired! >

< Before: loose bead on this beautiful necklace... >

 < After: Back in place and ready to wear! >

< Before: busted bracelet! > 
< After: with the use of some elastic string, this bracelet is all fixed! >

< Left: a terribly tangled bauble!... Right: a bobby pin worked magic to untangle this necklace! >