Monday, November 7, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

 < Dinner out to celebrate 5- the decorations on the ceiling and the lighted tree were so festive! >

What another great weekend this was!  The first one that really felt like fall this year, filled with some time to relax, a little getaway, and a lot of celebrating.  The guy and I saw new parts of our state which we have never before seen, had a great time laughing with each other, and ate out for almost three days straight (which rarely happens in our lives, and the last time this kind of thing did occur was probably earlier this summer).  I love road tripping it with my man, so a weekend like what we just enjoyed is probably my ideal way to spend time together.  After all, isn't traveling with your favorite people one of the absolute best things in life?  Anyway, here are a few snapshots from this weekend's adventures- enjoy, and I hope that whatever you encounter this week is a great adventure for you!

< Packing for cool autumn weather with a relaxed and cozy vibe >

< The lovely garden view outside our room for the weekend >

< Appetizer course at a local Italian eatery before the onslaught of meatballs began >

< A beautiful hand-pounded copper-covered tun seen on a brewery tour >

< Fall leaves and American flags lining a cute northern California town >

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