Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Bag make over DIY

< All materials gathered in one place >

I picked up these little metallic bags the other week and although I like them plain and shiny, I thought it would be fun to add a little personal touch to each.  So I scrounged around in the craft supplies and glitter and paint called my name!  I do not consider myself an extremely crafty individual, but I do enjoy a little artsy challenge every once in a while.  Behold, 2 "new" bags- one with chevron stripes and one with color blocked stripes.  Not absolutely sure what use these little bags will be put to, but they might actually serve as a handy little signature clutch now, no?

Tell me, what little artsy-DIY projects have you been working on lately? (PS- So glad that it is finally Wednesday!  Happy middle of the week to you!)

 < I pulled up a pattern of a chevron print on my phone, and freehanded the pattern onto the silver bag with glitter glue >

 < As swiftly as I could after I drew the glue pattern, I sprinkled some sparkly glitter over the glue >

< After shaking off the excess glitter, this is the result! Not totally perfect at all, but kind of fun, right? >

 < For the gold bag, I first applied blue tape to mark off where I wanted to paint stripes >

 < Next, I carefully applied paint and hoped for the best! >

 < Once I removed the blue tape (from just one side, because I plan to also paint to reverse side), the stripes looked decent enough- but I decided that addition stripes will need to be added to smooth out the paint edges >

< VoilĂ ! The final product! >

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