Friday, April 15, 2011

Obsessed: Woohoo for white and blue!

< LOVE this blue and white! Photo: Diane Bergeron c/o COCOCOZY >

Blue is my most favorite color, and I love to wear it and decorate with it.  When I saw this photo yesterday on COCOCOZY, I was smitten.  How I would love a room in my house that looks just like this room!  The dark blue walls are so well complimented by the white curtains, and the splash of tangerine from the pillows adds the perfect accent of color.  Based upon my new obsession with this room design, I may have to do some living room decorating... Actually that project will come to realization later in my life.  For now, I have used the inspiration from this photo to create two outfits for you with the fabulous color palette seen in Diane Bergeron's handiwork.  So enjoy all of this just-right-blue-and-white, and use these outfit ideas to create some spring outfits from the items in your closet.  Have a great weekend (and be sure to have your taxes filed on time if you haven't already)!

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