Monday, April 11, 2011

There went another weekend!

< Beautiful lilacs in bloom at our local nursery >

This weekend was so sunny, warm, and windy, and made for a great couple of days planting spring flowers, trees, and bushes in our backyard.  While my husband and I dreamt of making much more progress than we did, we feel satisfied with the planting accomplishments that were made despite the hard-as-concrete clay soil that comprises this small parcel of land we call home.  In addition to gardening and planting activities, my weekend was also filled with a few good meals with great friends, a quick visit to my new favorite vintage living shop, and the chance to enjoy some sweet local citrus.  I wish weekend days such as these would actually take place every day of the week, but looking back and enjoying the fun you had over the past weekend, or looking forward to the plans you have for the coming weekend are what help to make the weekdays enjoyable.  So take joy in looking through these pictures, and apply that joy to your Monday (and the rest of this week).  Here's cheers for a great 5-day work week and an excellent next weekend to look forward to! 

< A Saturday morning coffee break >

< The new dwarf orange tree in our young backyard 'orchard' >

< Love & a floating music sheet ship at my new favorite antiques and vintage living shop >

< An accidental long exposure shot that I actually truly appreciate >

< A cool gnarly tree inside Friar Tuck's festive dining room >

< The most flavorful oranges ever... gotta love fresh fruit in California! >

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