Thursday, April 7, 2011

Linens... and things

Do you remember the Friends episode "The One with the Secret Closet"?  Well, recalling Monica's fear of having anyone discover what was behind those doors was the same feeling I had the other day as a house guest opened the linen closet door in our house.  Granted, my linen closet looks nothing like Monica's secret closet, and the linens and things stored in my hallway linen closet are generally grouped together by type, but I am actually so embarrassed by the overall look of this closet that I cannot even show you a current picture.  However, since that fateful day last week when someone else (gasp!) took a peek inside my linen closet, I have been searching for tools and inspiration to reorganize this storage space.  Real Simple, Martha Stuart, and even a few other random websites have proved to be excellent sources of motivation- now all I have to do is get in organizing mode and conquer that linen closet.  I plan to use this list to help me keep on track and create a more organized and functional storage space for the linens in our house, and this method to fold my fitted sheets (which are usually always a challenge to fold!).  I hope you enjoy browsing through these photos as much as I have, and hopefully they will provide some inspiration to you as well!  (And please note, I will post before and after pictures of my linen closet once the makeover is complete.)

< I appreciate the idea of storing sheet sets in a pillow case, as seen on the Martha Stewart website here >

< Employing stackable shelves, canvas bins, and the concept or rolling towels (as seen here) will certainly be beneficial to my linen closet shelves >

< Martha Stewart's idea of using wooden shelf brackets serve as handy dividers (seen here) but I may use a less labor intensive divider such as these >

< I adore the colors in this picture and appreciate how the sheet sets are labeled >

< Simple, cute tags on storage bins (an easy project from Martha Stewart, seen here) >

< Specially sized upright bins like these would help to keep sheets solely tumbling in the dryer, and not tumbling out of your linen closet >

These large storage bags would be great for storing blankets and keeping the look streamlined >

So what do you think?  Are you now as inspired as I am to do some spring cleaning in a linen closet?

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