Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Take me out to the ball game!

< Beautiful blue sky above the Right Field Gate >

The other night my husband and I took time for a little date and a fun springtime activity: taking in a local baseball game.  Although I am not the biggest or most knowledgeable sports fan ever, baseball is my favorite sport to watch.  There is something that feels so purely American about watching a baseball game, and Raley Field is the perfect place to be a baseball fan.  We scored a great deal on tickets to this game through Facebook, so check out the Sacramento River Cats on Facebook.  The night was filled with great weather, lots of laughs, and a few great plays.  I hope this inspires you to get out there in this fabulous spring weather and enjoy some baseball time! (And just so you know, the unofficial anthem of baseball will be stuck in my head all day today!)

< Vines in the River Cats Gardens >

< The scoreboard with a smidgen of the Sacramento skyline in the background >

< Buy me some peanuts and cotton candy... oh, wait... >

< This Inside Pitch always has the inside scoop on these Cats >

< Batter up! >

< Sa- wiiiing batter! >

< The infamous guy who gets the crowd cheering and helps clean the stadium >

< The grounds crew throwin' their hands up to "Shout" >

< Beautiful clean green field >

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