Thursday, April 14, 2011

Treasures from around the world

Ever since I was a young girl, I have loved to travel.  You name the place, I will want to go visit there.  Just say the word, and I will pack my bags and be ready to go!  I have been blessed with the opportunity to travel many different places during my lifetime so far and as a result have collected a few souvenirs from different countries, as well as many incredible memories.  Many of these souvenir treasures have a place in our home, and bring a smile to my face when the sight of them conjures a happy memory from my travel time there.  Some of the prized possessions in our house are not from our travels, but have been given to us by friends who have visited the far corners of this earth.  It is wonderful to have a comfortable place to call home, but it is also magnificent to have tangible signs in our house to remind us that there is a much bigger world out there (just waiting to be explored!).

< A coaster set from Paris- my most favorite coasters ever! >

< An original oil painting from Côte d'Ivoire >

< A handmade salad serving set gifted to me after my friend's South American travels >

< Souvenir replica of ceramic delft klompen from Nederland >

< Drindl apron from a sweet friend when she visited from Deutschland >

< A sampling of postcards collected from our travels >

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