Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Kings Win!

Last week I had the joy of entering the newly named "Power Balance' Pavilion for one of the King's last home games in Sacramento this season, where the the Phoenix Suns faced off against the Kings in a close game.  I am not an avid sports fan, but I do relish the occasional opportunity to be a good sport spectator.  Seats were in a high section, allowing for a great leg workout climbing up and down those stairs, but also providing a vantage point to pretty much the whole arena.  It was exhilarating to hear local fans cheer on the Kings, savor the art of arena cuisine, and enjoy some laughs with an excellent group of people.  I find it highly unfortunate for California's state capitol to be facing the possibility of losing this NBA team, but hopefully it will all work out for the best.  In my mind, the Kings will always be a winning team, not only because they defeated the Suns the night I saw them last week, but because they have enriched the Sacramento area with a valuable sports and entertainment commodity.  To access the Kings' schedule for the rest of this season (and to see the finals scores on their 7 wins out of the last 10 games), click here.  (And congrats to the Kings on their win against the Houston Rockets in yesterday's game!)

< Quarter 1 when the Kings were a little behind in points >

< The Sacramento Kings Dance Team shakin' their money makers >

< The only time I ever eat hot dogs is at a sporting event or fair, but those are great places to enjoy this American tradition >

< What better snacks to enjoy in arena seating than buttery popcorn and a soda? >

< Kings fans waving their white balloons to distract the Suns player at the free throw line >

< It was a close game in the fourth period, but... >

< The Kings powered though at the end for a wild win Kings 116, Suns 113 >

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