Friday, April 29, 2011

Obsessed: Pottery Barn's Outdoor Spaces

TGIF! When I was going through the mail the other day, a fabulous catalog appeared in the pile- the Pottery Barn Outdoor Spaces edition.  Needless to say, all other distractions were put on hold for a few minutes as I flipped through the dreamy pages of artfully arranged outdoor furniture.  Oh, to have a porch so sweetly decked out in fine looking furniture with cozy all-weather cushions, or to host a meal outside with one of the most naturally blissful table and chair sets a tablescape ever did decorate.  Pottery Barn, won't you please come create some outdoor rooms in my world?  Obsessed, I tell you... obsessed.  While all of the plants in my yard may swoon if such a gorgeous outdoor space as a Pottery Barn space ever did appear in our yard, I am sure I can work to bring some happiness to the plants by attempting to create the beauty that is seen in this catalog.  So, true to my style, I present you with the Pottery Barn version, a similar piece of furniture at a lower price point, and an outfit inspired by the PB stylistic touches.  Enjoy, and have a great weekend!

< Can you imagine a better seating arrangement for hosting outside? >
See Pottery Barn's 'Gather around the fire' version pictured above here

See a similar seating style from Pier 1 Imports here

For a warm summer night bbq transitioning to a comfy summer night by a fire pit, your best friend can be a jean jacket.  The jackets can be found in a variety of styles at any price point, and are versatile enough to be worn with sundresses, khakis, and your favorite LBD.

< I imagine serving barbecued salmon, corn on the cob, and freshly sliced watermelon at this dinner table >
See Pottery Barn's 'Dining Alfresco' version pictured above here

See a similar table set from World Market here

A casual vest added to a simple t-shirt can add style and elegance in one easy swoop these days.  Elongate your legs in cropped jeans with some height in your shoe- comfortable wedges are great for outdoor events.  

< Can you imagine lounging on these cushions and taking in a summer flick outdoors?  How fab! >
See Pottery Barn's design for 'Backyard Movie Night' here

See West Elm's take on the futon cushion here

While warm summer nights have the best kind of weather ever, you still might need to add a layer or two for warmth if you will be seated outside for a prolonged period of time.  Find a cozy knit vest with some style, and you will have another layer of clothing with some unique pizzaz.

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