Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The ABC's of Summer Hats

I am not usually a fan of wearing hats, but in the last few years they have really come back into the fashion world with a vengeance.  I have fond memories from my elementary years of watching my grandmother position one of her many beloved hats onto her head as we prepared to leave for church on Sunday mornings (she often wears hats to church still, and this is a precious memory of her I will forever hold dear).  With summer approaching, floppy hats, fedoras, and visors are now seen in stores everywhere.  A while back a sweet friend requested some 'fashion advice' from me regarding hats for several different occasions: for walks, while on a boat, and for working outdoors.  While I do not consider myself the best fashionista ever, I am happy that her request prompted me to look into the wild world of hats now available, and create today's post for you.  Behold the first ever "ABC's of..." post regarding summer hats to wear in sunny weather!  Now I will be looking forward to finding the perfect floppy-brimmed hat for my summer beach adventures...  (Thanks Jennifer for your question and the inspiration for this post!)

 The ABC's of Hats

a. A floppy brim at a great price, perfect for the beach: Zara Cartwheel hat, $30
b. Sun protection perfections for enjoying the sand and waves: Forever21 beach hat, $13
c. Tilly's cowgirl version, ideal for backyard or beach BBQs: Tilly's Cowboy hat, $13
d. Cuteness at its finest for a summer evening stroll: Juicy Couture straw fedora, $58
e. A quintessential summery straw fedora: Inverni straw hat, $70
f. Summer white with a splash of preppy color: Zara hat with satin ribbon, $20
g. GTL!  Great for keeping hair out of your face on a run: Nike hat, $24
h. Bring out your beach girl look on a boat with this cap: Volcom trucker hat, $15
i. Excellent with ponytail for casual summer outings: True Religion 'Rising Sun' hat, $75
j. This wide brim is optimal for gardening work: Braided Gardening hat, $17
k. Part military, part country- pair this with a sundress: Juicy Couture military hat, $58
l. Floppy hat for strolling through summer farmer's markets: Juicy Couture wide brim hat, $58

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