Friday, April 22, 2011

Obsessed: Green (without) envy

< We should celebrate Earth Day every day!  It's all about the baby steps... >

Today is Earth Day 2011 and Good Friday- what fabulous celebrations for this TGIF!  Now that green living is all the rage, I figured it would be appropriate to share with you some hints I have enjoyed reading about and applying to my everyday life.  Thanks to all of the magazines and websites out there, there are great product reviews, wonderful suggestions on eco living, and lots of helpful hints on repurposing, reusing, and reducing waste (making it all the more likely to become obsessed with going green!).  You can go all out and go completely solar, or invest in a hybrid or flex fuel vehicle, or just take it step by step- but realize any step you take toward doing what good you can do for this earth is a great step to take!

Looking for green cleaning products or simple ways to save energy?  Good Housekeeping has a fantastic list of 125 easy ideas for living greener, and the suggestions are so simple to apply.  For example, go green by taking your own to-go or personal cup to your coffee shop.

Looking to take a bike ride or add some hardy houseplants to your abode?  Sunset Magazine published 30 simple ways to live a greener life.  Bike riding and houseplants - check!  Both are simple ways to green-ify your everyday living.

Save your green and some cattle by purchasing faux leather products, such as these sandals pictured above.  Real Simple recently published some fabulous eco friendly clothing and accessory suggestions, and usually publishes similar ideas for green living in their magazine issues.

Spring is a great time to celebrate Earth Day, because it is the perfect season to plant outdoors.  If you have not had your hands in the dirt yet, now is the time- especially since Lowe's is celebrating Earth Day by giving away trees!

Need some extra lighting on a closet shelf?  Lucky magazine has some great suggestions on how to organize your closet, as well as where to place energy efficient LED lights, such as these.

Want to see some totally eco home decor designs?  Check out Elle Decor's Creative Eco Decor presentation.  $8 to make the bench pictured above- unbelievable!

Looking to incorporate some green living into your clothing?  The fabulous women at WhoWhatWear have some stylish ideas for fashionable eco.

Need a place to drop off your recyclables?  Your local Target has in-store recycling stations just waiting for you to fill them up!

So what are your plans for going green?  Leave a comment and let me know. :-) And have yourself a wonderful Easter weekend!

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