Monday, April 4, 2011

Cat Attack!

< Cheetah print on my business card case >

Oh, Monday, Monday!  How did the weekend fly by so quickly?  Because Mondays are not always my favorite days, I like to fill them with things that I love, such as... CHEETAH print!  Animal print is one of my absolute favorite things to wear, decorate with, and to use as an accessory.  My collection of cheetah and leopard print continues to grow in my closet, and love of cheetah and other animal patterns continues to thrive thanks to my newly found Facebook friend (and fellow university alumni) Alicia's blog, Cheetah Is The New Black.  So have fun this Monday looking through some fun cheetah-print items on today's post, and check out Alicia's blog for more inspiration with this wild motif.

< Jewelry that adds the perfect wild touch >

< Hands down all-time-favorite coat >

< A brightly colored, gauzy scarf perfect for spring >

< Animal print adorning my office wall >

< A long-time wardrobe staple, easy to wear for many occasions >

< Fun handbags that are most definitely glad rags >


  1. I need that business card case! Too cute!

  2. I thought you would probably love that, Alicia! The case is from Ann Taylor Loft, but it is a few months old now.

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  4. ok, I love your blog. I need to know where you found that awesome clothes stand/dress mannequin thing!!


  5. Thank you everyone!

    Laura, this fabulous dress form was a score from TJ Maxx! θ<3