Monday, April 18, 2011

Wonders from the weekend

< Lovely spring day for perusing antiques >

Wait, is the weekend already over?  I am always amazed by how slowly weekdays can seem to pass by, but then by how quickly the weekend can just zoom right by you.  Even though the past two days did go by quickly, much was accomplished.  The weather was nice and sunny, with just the right amount of warmth for jeans and t-shirts.  My husband and I used a majority of Saturday and Sunday to make excellent progress planting in our backyard, but were also able to enjoy time with friends, a little window shopping, and a chance to relax in the sun.  I will miss this past weekend, but knowing that next weekend will be filled with Easter celebrations will help this coming week to fly by.  I hope that these pictures bring some enjoyment to your Monday!

< A garland of cones in soft spring colors- and a pink glitter bird! >

< Some of the little plants we planted in our backyard this weekend >

< Inspiration for a beautiful Easter table setting, designed by Pottery Barn, of course! >

< Palm-like leaves reminded me on Palm Sunday of the many blessings in my life >

< Fresh tomato-cucumber-feta salad >

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  1. Love the pictures!! Your back yard looks amazing!