Friday, April 1, 2011

Obsessed: Lucky's Organized Closet

Ever since I saw this closet organization article in the April issue of Lucky Magazine, I have been obsessed with the design ideas featured.  I would just love to have a closet that was as well edited and organized as the one pictured here, and I am making it a goal to start this process for my own closet.  There are many organizational ideas that are usable not only in a dressing room, but also for other drawer spaces throughout your house, as well as well as areas such as a coat closet.  You can enjoy all of these ideas in the Lucky magazine issue I mentioned, as well as at the Lucky Magazine website post on how to organize your closet.

< A great way to keep drawers organized >

< Create a place to display your inspiration >

 < Keep jeans nicely folded and easily accessible by style >
< Use non-skid hangers and organize by style and color >

< Keep purses stored upright and easily available >

< Display shoes using small wall spaces >

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