Thursday, March 31, 2011

Dining in a dream room

I am traveling this week, and I love this house I am staying at right now.  It is filled with beautiful decorations that I adore, but also with beautiful people for whom I have much love.  Antique furniture in pristine condition adorns each room in this residence, but is fashioned and arranged in a way that is both inviting and extremely comfortable.  The dining room has recently been rearranged to create a cozy conversation area, but also to still be utilized as a dining area.  The decor in this space is colored with two of my favorite hues: yellow and blue.  The inclusion of vintage dishes and heritage items creates an homage to history designed in a modern way; the vintage touches that I observe remind me of one of my favorite historical estates, Mount Vernon.  So thank you (to you know who!) for the always delightful stay in this marvelously decorated home.

Simple beauty in a spring centerpiece on the dining table

Vintage and new white dishes mixed together provide a striking display on white shelves

Love collection of pitchers and china below this brightly colored oil

The sun streaming through the windows makes this area a perfect place to cozy up in on a lazy afternoon; the standing fireplace creates a cozy space to gather in on cooler evenings

So inviting- cozy blue pillows placed on striking wood chairs, a footstool and blanket for comfort, and a tough of old glamour in the display on silver

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