Monday, March 7, 2011

Mellow Yellow

Yellow is such a cheery color, and I love walking into this room in the mornings, opening up the blinds, and basking in the morning sunshine bouncing off the soft yellow walls.  This room not only serves as a guest room in our house, but also as a great place to cozy up in a plush chair with a good book, and a surprisingly efficient space to transform into a playroom for kids who come to visit.  Most of the furniture in this room holds special meaning, as the beds, chest, and shelf are antiques and have been passed down through family members to now bear witness in our home to the generations who have gone before us.  The details in the linens, curtains, and the little treasures I have picked up here and there to decorate the chest that serves as a side table/storage space/nightstand tie together the 'easy shabby chic' decor in this room, making it an inviting, calming, and easy place to relax.

Vintage quilt patterned pillow covers (left, from Pottery Barn) add a touch of chic vintage to accessorize the antique beds

An antique shelf nestled in the closet holds a television, toys, books, and games perfect for creating an impromptu entertainment space for kids who visit

A stuffed chair perfect for cuddling up with a good book

Vintage-chic looking candlesticks, as well as a small catch-all plate, and a pink and gold bowl decorate the top of the chest. 
Floral details add just the right amount of chic to these sheer curtains

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