Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trays chic

Trays are one of my favorite things to use as decorative organizational tools.  These nifty shallow platforms help to make space on coffee tables, keep countertops organized, corral like items for easy access, and streamline the look of a room.  The picture you see above is a tray that sits on the coffee table in the living room- it holds some drink coasters that are easy to grab when guests relax on the couches, some magazines that easily find a dwelling space when they are brought in from the mailbox, and an arrangement of silk flowers for a splash of bright color.  Because of this tray, the rest of our coffee table top is blank and available for use.  My collection of trays has spread to most of the rooms in our house, maximizing their organizational usage within the walls of this home.  As items whose price points won't break the bank, trays are great to purchase when you see one that will fit into your living space, as it will easily help you stay organized.

A mirrored tray holds decorations in a guest room (last seen here).

A metal and wood tray sits atop a vintage trunk in the front room.

Kitchen trays live in a shallow cupboard, easy to access and fill with items to carry to the dinner table.

A white lacquer tray sits on a counter in a powder room.  White ceramic cups hold cotton balls, a footed cup is great for storing jewelry, decorative items all rest within the confines of this tray. (Remember the starfish last seen here?)

Decorations on my dresser top rest in a lovely silver tray.

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