Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Gray Daze

I love overcast days, and it is great to see the rain coming your way so that you can be prepared with a rain-appropriate outfit.  When I saw the rain headed my way the other day (as pictured above), I knew I had better layer and carry an umbrella.  The different shades of gray in the sky reminded me of a gray dress from my closet:

While gray is a great color for both gray-sky days and spring, bright accents can be easily added to spruce up the plain color (I enjoyed wearing a brightly colored sweater and carrying a yellow purse with this gray dress the other day).  Bright colored accents can bring cheer to your day, and help to brighten the outlook for others you meet throughout the day.  I have created some fun outfits by building on gray basics with small infusions of colorful accents, and I hope these will inspire you to create some new rainy-day outfits from the items in your wardrobe.

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