Friday, March 4, 2011

Let's wrap it up

Friday is here- the first Friday of this wonderful month, and the first Friday post on this blog! My weekend will be filled with a little traveling, a birthday party, and a baby shower celebration for some friends who are expecting twins.  Wrapping presents in preparation for parties is something that brings me much joy.  I am sometimes one of the few people to bring a non-gift-bag-wrapped present to a party, and I thought I would share a present that I wrapped with a very simple method.  This present is for my good friend's birthday, and I wrapped the gift thematically according to her love of pink.

Pink treats nestled in pink filler paper and pink tissue 

A small piece of wrapping paper cut to fit on the lid of the plain cardboard box, and decorated with thematic stickers

A pink tulle bow to top it off, and a little bright pink satin ribbon added as a shot of color
 Once I am finished wrapping any present the final touch is, of course, the card.  I store a collection of cards, so that I have some on hand when the need arises for whatever occasion.  I enjoy color-coordinating the pen or marker I use to write in the card with the colors of the card, and have collected an assortment of Sharpies as a result.  

Some Papyrus birthday cards I have on file
My collection of Sharpies 

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