Tuesday, July 31, 2012

DIY: Mr. Lion

< Meet Mr.  newly-painted-gilded-Lion >

As many of you wonderful 3P readers know, I am drawn to very simple DIY projects (see here).  A quick makeover of items currently on hand always makes me so happy to know that I can have a "new" item in no time flat.  Enter, gold spray paint.  When I decided to brighten up this lion that has been around for a while, I pictured gold as the perfect color to brighten up this majestic cat.  Now, just a few easy coats of spray paint later, I am enjoying this 'new' gold lion!

< He started off all black, and I decided to brighten him up with a little splash of golden color >

< He got an initial coat of white paint as a base >

 < Then a smattering of gold was applied >

 < Hooray for spray paint!  here is Mr. Lion, chilling with this little lamb for now.  Loving this new gold decoration in our place! >

Monday, July 30, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< Picked up a pie from a local hot spot, and it was pretty darn delicious (but honestly had nothing on my grandma's homemade pies) >

Not going to lie- this weekend went by way to fast and I really wish it wasn't Monday yet!  Any of you 3P pretties feeling the same today?  My weekend was filled with sunshine, laughter, exploring new locations, lots of fun with friends, and obviously- an overload of sweet treats, too!  Oh, how I wish these summer weekends would just last forever!  Despite all of this longing for the weekend time, it is going to be a great week- I am determined to make it so!  Whatever you are facing this week, make it a great one too!

< Easy afternoon drive through some local natural beauty >

< Simple, delightful weekend arm party >

 < Making skewers for the barbecue >

 < Trekking across the tallest bridge in the country >

< Baked a little celebratory cake in honor of my best friend's engagement! >

Friday, July 27, 2012

Obsessed: current fascinations

< Only slightly obsessed with event planning inspiration on Pinterest >

These are a few of my favorite things this week!  Happy Friday, all you wonderful 3P pretties!  Have a great weekend, 3P style, and I will see you back here on Monday!

< Summer reading that I cannot seem to put down >

< Arm party fun as seen in these posts >

< This little piggy cutting board (shown in this post), which is a funny little something close to my heart because most women in my family have one like it >

< Strappy high heels with animal print details? Yes please!! (Similar here, here, and love these)  Other lovely shoes from this week can be seen here >

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tomatoes and 'cumbers

Remember when I mentioned tomato and cucumber salad in this post? Well, I had a few friends as about the recipe, so I thought I would share this completely simply, healthy, and perfectly crunchy summer salad.  This is pretty much my favorite side dish to make in the summer year round, and as of recently it has been on my lunch and dinner plates several times a week.  The man loves is, and it is a hit when I have brought it to barbecues in the past.  Here's what you will need, as seen in the above photo:

Simple tomato cucumber salad
tomatoes and cucumbers
olive oil
salt & pepper
italian seasoning (or any other of your choice)
grated or diced cheese (I prefer parmesan or mozzarella)
note: other add-in options such as garbonzo beans or celery slices make a tasty addition!

Now just follow the steps as provided in the post and you can make one of the easiest and most delicious side dishes I know!

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Weekly Wardrobe

It is already Wednesday again, so its a great day for me to share a weekly outfit post!  Here's a collection of what I have worn in the summer heat during everyday activities, some of which included being stopped by strangers asking me where I had purchased one piece or another. Time to carry around some 3P business cards in my purse!  Also, although I have worn many neutral colors this past week, just know that I do this to stay cool on hot days, and let my accessories shine.  So despite the lack of usual color in these outfits, I hope you still find some fashion inspiration here- and remember to cast your votes in the Weekly Wardrobe Win!

< Outfit 1: gray + a little metal >
Occasion: work
Dress: Simply Vera Wang (fun artsy/tribal maxi alternative here)
Purse: Olivia + Joy
Heels: Calvin Klein
Sunnies: Ralph Lauren Lauren
Jewelry: Breil (watch, c/o Rebecca- similar), The Limited, Kohls, F21 (necklaces)

< Outfit 2: green pattern mix & match >
Occasion: work
Shirt: Tahari
Skirt: BR (seeing green over this green dress too)
Belt and purse: Nine West
Heels: Guess
Sunnies: Steve Madden
Jewelry: The Limited (necklace, old), Paul Frank (watch), Tiffany, gift from India, F21 (bracelets)

< Outfit 3: sequins & shorts >
Occasion: date night
Tank: The Limited (would totally alternate with this one)
Shorts: H&M (old)
Heels and sunnies: Jessica Simpson
Clutch: Target (love this fun clutch too!)
Jewelry: F21, Target, The Limited (bracelets), Target (necklace)

< Outfit 4: island-like linen >
Occasion: work
Dress: Target (similar)
Belt and heels: Jessica Simpson
Sunnies: Ross
Purse: Ross
Jewelry: thrifted, ON (necklaces), ON, FOA (bracelets)

< Outfit 5: mermaid colors + cheetah print >
Occasion: work
Shirt: J.Crew
Skirt: The Limited
Purse: Nine West
Heels: Simply Vera Wang
Sunnies: ON
Jewelry: gifted, BR, The Limited (bracelets), ON (ring, old), gifted, Kohls (similar, necklaces)

< Outfit 6: sleeveless trench + stripes >
Occasion: work
Dress: Ross (I like this striped dress too!)
Trench: Cynthia Steffe
Heels: Nine West
Purse: Target
Jewelry: Target (earrings), H&M (collar), Ross (watch), BR, The Limited, Target (bracelets)

 < Outfit 7: sail boat shorts >
Occasion: trip to Tahoe
Shirt: unknown
Shorts: ON (also loving these printed shorts)
Belt: F21
Sunnies and wedges: Ross
Jewelry: gifted, heirloom (necklaces- similar), Stella & Dot, gifted, Target, F21 (bracelets)

< Outfit 8: pastel florals >
Occasion: church and brunch
Dress: H&M (similar here and here)
Purse: Olivia + Joy (similar)
Heels: Simply Vera Wang
Jewelry: Stella & Dot (necklace and bracelet), Ross (watch), F21 (ring)
(So happy I shared my sock bun tutorial in this floral dress which I love!)

Weekly Wardrobe Win

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

3P Tuesday Tootsies!!

< My Tuesday Tootsies >

Its Tuesday again, and guess what that means?  It's when all Particularly Practically Pretty Tuesday Tootsies are shared!  You kind and thoughtful friends and readers have sent in some super fun pictures of your current favorite shoes, and as I mentioned last week, I am happy to share them today for all of you readers to enjoy!  And yes, you will see below that much of my skill comes directly from my sweet, talented, ever-so-capable Gram- I just love that she sent in pictures for this post too!  Follow me @3Pprettyblog on Twitter and Instagram (or online here) to see photos of my weekly Tuesday Tootsies.  And join in the fun of sharing your own Tuesday Tootsies by using the hashtag #TuesdayTootsies!  Now, sit back and enjoy some shoe envy...

< Morgan's fun strappy summer heels >

< Gram's 'Day at the Beach' vignette >

< MiKell's go-with-everything classically stylish kicks >

< Carrie's summer collection- perfect for work, date night, wedding reception wear, and barbecues! >

< Gram's shoe get-up for 'Off to Church' >

< Meghan's turquoise all-time faves! >

 < Gram's 'headed into town' options >

< Morgan's adorable summer sandals... >

 < ... and Natalie's perfect-for-the-beach-life starfish flip... >

< ... And Jenny's flip flops- which she calls "a pregnant lady's best friends! AKA my pedicure shoes. Ahhh." >

< Valerie's summer soiree wedge-heeled beauties >

 < Mo's fun, neon, trendy slip-ons >

 < Meghan's 'Don't feed the animals-' her obvious love affair with animal print >

< Gram's 'night on the town' collection- don't you just love it? >

Monday, July 23, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

Happy Monday, 3P wonderfuls! I am still jumping with joy over all of the fun I had this past weekend with great friends in Tahoe. Really, time spent near this beautiful lake, in the sunshine, when almost every moment is filled with laughter with some of your best friends, cannot be beat. This is going to be one busy week, but the happiness that overflowed this weekend will carry me right through any hectic moment. I hope all you who are so kind to be 3P followers had a delightful weekend too, and no matter what you are facing this week, make it a great one!