Monday, July 9, 2012

Wonders from the weekend

< Day at the lake with the girls: sunshine, perfect water temp, mimosas, and relaxation= perfection! >

Happy Monday, 3P pretties!  I hope you all enjoyed a wonderful weekend!  I sure did- it was full of relaxation, delicious food, a few things around the house checked off the list, good music, and laughter with friends.  Its summer weekends like this that I just want to repeat over and over!  I am supposing that this week will feel somewhat long because of all the celebration time that I (and, I'm guessing, many of you!) enjoyed last week, but I will be hanging on to my summer weekend memories to get me through the tough spots.  So here's cheers to Monday, keep on keepin' on and make it a great week!

<  My new favorite scent for summer- Jennifer Aniston's fragrance reminds me of sunscreen, salty air, and the sand between my toes! >

 < Dancing away during an outdoor concert with my man >

< Re-potting some house plants and crossing my fingers that they make it! >

< Indulging in some Sunday evening sweet time >

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  1. End of Independence Week and wearing red, white, and blue everywhere I went, ending with a movie night and homemade ice cream with our
    New Hope family. We tasted Root Beer Ice Cream, Black Walnut, Apricot, Peppermint, Peanut Butter Bananna (Elvis' favorite, we were told) and, of course, vanilla and chocolate!