Thursday, July 19, 2012

How To: Sock Bun

It's sock bun time today!  This is a hairdo I have enjoyed learning how to do, now that my hair is a little longer, and it is something that I love seeing on my head because it makes my fine hair look voluptuous!  When I have posted some outfit photos in the past, I have received several questions about exactly how to make a sock bun, so I am giving you the scoop today!  You can either use a sock with its toe cut off, rolled into a donut shape, or you can use a hair piece shaped like a donut (see picture below). Then in several simple steps, you will have a bun that will help you get compliments all day long!

To fashion a sock bun, just follow the steps shown above:
1.) Start with texturized hair- I like to leave mine unwashed, as my hair is super fine, and this helps make it easier to work with.
2.) Add volumizing product as you wish, and tease around the base of your scalp.  This will help you to avoid the 'peeled onion' look, which is a look I always want to avoid!
3.) Put your hair into a high ponytail.  You can pull all of your hair back, or leave out some bangs.
4.) Pull your ponytail through the donut, all the way to the end.
5.) Begin tucking your hair around the donut, and roll the donut toward your head. Continue tucking your hair as you roll so that all of the donut is covered once you reach the base of your ponytail.
6.) Check to ensure that your hair is covering the donut/sock.
7.) Use bobby pins to tuck away any loose strands.
8.) Use a strong hold hairspray to keep everything in place.
9.) This is how the sock-bun will look- large and in charge!
10.) Violâ! Your sock bun is complete!

A view at the supplies:
< A few bobby pins, a hairpiece to serve as a donut (I got mine for a steal at H&M), and a headband to add >


  1. nice!

    p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  2. I like the look you achieve with the doughnut bun. It's stylish, casual yet dressy and, in my opinion, sexy! Congratulations! You done good

  3. I have been waiting for this post for so long! Hopefully I can master this stylish look with a little practice. So great for us ladies with fine hair!