Monday, July 2, 2012

Wonders from the Weekend

< Basking in the sunshine and enjoying the surroundings at the lake >

Wow, is it Monday already?  And July??  How is this year flying by so quickly?  I guess what they say is true- time really does fly when you're having fun!  This weekend was filled to the brim with new adventures (a tiny pet addition and first visit to a local comedy club), fun with friends (at the lake, during several birthday parties, and out to dinner), and checking a few things off the personal to-do list around the house (backyard cleaned up, piles organized and dispersed, new repair projects completed)- I really cannot believe that so much happened in just 2 days, and I am somewhat exhausted now.  However, I am gathering my energy on this Monday to encourage myself to stay on top of everything, and make some great plans to celebrate the independence of our nation in just a few days.  Whatever you are facing this week, make it a great one!

< Meet Jack- a sweet little kitten we rescued and adopted >

< Pruning, weeding, and enjoying the colors in our backyard >

< Taking a little Pepsi break- neither me nor the man drink much soda ever, so sometimes a little indulgence feels like a sweet treat! >

< Laughing until my sides hurt at this comedy club with friends! >


  1. Welcome to the family, Jack! What does Tigger think of the new member:

    Your yard looks inviting - I'll bring my glass of tea and join you :)
    Liked the first collection and will look and see green and blue combos for fall.
    Happy Fourth of July . . .week!

  2. Jack is adorable and your yard looks amazing!