Friday, July 6, 2012

A little bit Pinterest Obsessed

 < Snacks and meals that look absolutely delicious >

Happy Friday and TGIF, 3P pretties! What a week this was, right?  Or was it just me?  Well, to relieve some of the stress from this broken-up week, I have headed over to one of my current favorite sites,  Pinterest.  Talk about vision- this site provides the opportunity to envision and dream, and plan and store, for any event you can imagine,  and then pull up all of your reference 'files' with the quick click of a mouse button.  Today I am happy to share some of my newer pins, with you, and you can head on over to my Pinterest page to see the pinning collection in its entirety!

Have a wonderful weekend, 3P style, and I will see you back here on Monday!

 < Decoration and serving ideas for various parties and celebrations >

 < Every season, I pin current outfit ideas; above, hot weather outfits are on display above >

 < Dreaming of a breathtaking backyard set up... >

< Some fantastic DIY crafting ideas which I hope to replicate >

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