Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Summer corn on the bbq

< Easy-peasy, crunchy, tasty! >

When the weather is hot, there is no food I enjoy more than something that has been cooked on the barbeque.  I love marinating meat for these kinds of meals, and am always looking for more recipes of any kind of summer meal.  However, my most favorite BBQ treat has of late has to be this corn on the cob recipe that me and the man have tweaked to make our own.  It is simply seasoned, and will not require any heat in your kitchen to come out complete.  See the recipe below, and simply serve with your other BBQ favorites and enjoy the tasty treat of this corn on the cob!

Do you have any summer BBQ favorites, for corn or otherwise?  Let me know in the comments below!

< Gather your ingredients: ears of corn, olive oil, salt, pepper, nutmeg... and tin foil! >

< Then shuck your corn, and remove any strings- I like to do this over the sink to make for an easy clean-up process- everything is collected and is easy to toss in the trash can, and the remaining small pieces can be sent down the disposal. >

< Next, give those ears (of corn, of course!) and gentle scrub with a veggie brush to rinse them and remove any remaining strings. >

 < Create 'plates' with the tinfoil you will wrap the corn in- I like to bend up the edges so that all the spices stay within the foil.  Brush on olive oil, then sprinkle on your spices- salt and pepper to your liking, and be fairly conservative with the nutmeg, as it can be quite flavorful. >

 < Wrap flavored ears of corn in tin foil, and seal well.  Place on BBQ for about 20 minutes, or until done. >

< One favorite way of mine is to serve this corn with barbecued chicken, and rice pilaf (we also enjoyed a tomato cucumber salad and honeydew melon with this meal), but add to any of your favorite summer dinners and enjoy! >


  1. The corn looked SOOO good! I like white corn best and, the next time we have it I shall add a little nutmeg! Interesting!

  2. Yum! I always wanted to BBQ corn and love the scrub brush trick. Seems like foil is the perfect way to ensure they don't burn. Can't wait to try this!