Thursday, July 26, 2012

Tomatoes and 'cumbers

Remember when I mentioned tomato and cucumber salad in this post? Well, I had a few friends as about the recipe, so I thought I would share this completely simply, healthy, and perfectly crunchy summer salad.  This is pretty much my favorite side dish to make in the summer year round, and as of recently it has been on my lunch and dinner plates several times a week.  The man loves is, and it is a hit when I have brought it to barbecues in the past.  Here's what you will need, as seen in the above photo:

Simple tomato cucumber salad
tomatoes and cucumbers
olive oil
salt & pepper
italian seasoning (or any other of your choice)
grated or diced cheese (I prefer parmesan or mozzarella)
note: other add-in options such as garbonzo beans or celery slices make a tasty addition!

Now just follow the steps as provided in the post and you can make one of the easiest and most delicious side dishes I know!

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  1. O.K. I'm going to try your recipe. It looks delicious!