Monday, April 25, 2011

Wonders from the weekend

< Dyed eggs are such an enjoyable Easter treat! >

Once again, Monday is upon us!  This weekend (as always) flew by, but was filled with errands, work in the yard, an awesome Easter service at church, dinner with family to celebrate the holiday, and even a chance to relax and watch a ridiculous movie.  Luckily, the work in our back yard this weekend brought us close to finishing all of the goals my husband and I have set for this month (pictures to come soon), which left us with a euphoric feeling of success.  I consumed more sugar this weekend than was probably healthy, so the after-holiday detox will be on this week... or at least for the next few days- know what I mean?  Easter dinner was one of the most relaxing I have had in a while, because our grandma cooked everything- and I mean everything- all by herself (bless her heart!).  This coming week will be quite busy, but looking back on the pictures from this past weekend will bring a smile to my face.  So how did your weekend go, and what are you facing this week?  Whatever is on your plate, make it a great week!

< A late night milk and cookies treat >

< One of the one million trees Lowe's gave away in honor of Earth Day 2011.  See my post advertising this giveaway here >

< A few fabulous Easter basket surprises to enjoy >

< The infamous Poor Reds we pass by on the way to our grandparent's place >

< A light and fluffy angel food cake with cool whip and pineapple and topped with strawberries >

< Large trees framing a small pond and a green hill made for a great view despite the gray sky >

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