Monday, November 21, 2011

Wonders from the Weekend

< Pretty sunrise falling on the marina >

Well, its here- I can hardly believe it!  Thanksgiving week already!?!  This year is just flying by- which probably explains why this past weekend also flew by- right?  The guy and I took a little road trip to the coast this weekend to complete our scuba open water certification.  All in all a great weekend, but swimming, diving, driving, and enjoying a little time touring the town has left me exhausted!  However, I am geared up for the marathon that these next few weeks are going to be, so not to worry.  You can probably tell from the pictures in this post that the whole weekend was filled with bay time- and even though the water and weather was pretty darn cold being bundled up in a wetsuit in the water, and bundled up in warm layers outside saved me.  Now, if only I could host a sea-life themed dinner this week, my experiences this past weekend would tie in perfectly to Thanksgiving dinner!  More on that dinner to come later this week... Whatever your plans are for this holiday week, I hope you enjoy every minute of it!

 < Love the sound of waves crashing against the rocks! >

 < " Hundred and fifty, and still young, dude.  Rock on." >

 < Hippity- hoppity marchers! >

 < One tall-drink-of-water! >

< Lovely stroll on a gray yet totally fun day! >

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