Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Pinning Project Pinsperation!

Happy Tuesday, 3P readers!  Was yesterday a pretty looooong Monday, or what??  Some projects started over the weekend around the house have yet to be finished, and thus they are continuing on through week nights.  In totally unseeming but absolutely related news, I finally started using Pinterest, and I am in love- you can find me at: https://pinterest.com/3pprettyblog/.  Thankfully, Pinning is a fabulous was to find and store inspiration with just the click of your mouse (not that my mouse-clicking fingers are tired or anything...).  I found some fabulous inspiration yesterday for some of those aforementioned home improvement projects mentioned above- thank goodness- and you can view some of these photos below!  Now as I am painting, hammering, or sweating after moving heavy furniture or appliances, I can just look to these Pinterest images (and others I will discover along the way) for total inspiration!!

< Garage makeover and storage ideas >

< Home lighting for drastic improvement >

< Laundry room paint, storage, and organization for a very happy space! >

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