Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Autumn Ornamentation

< Front porch decorations in detail- click here for overall picture >

The fall months are one of my favorite times of the year- trees glisten with red and golden leaves that sing a sweet melody as they drift to the ground, the morning chill makes wearing a sweater and drinking a hot cup of tea the coziest feeling ever, hearty food makes its way onto the table once again, the fireplace crackles and glows in the evenings, and the promise of Christmas is right around the corner.  In honor of all these wonderful things, I love bringing autumn into our home with nature's rich marigold, maroon, orange, and green tones.  I have been slowly incorporating fall decorations into each room over the past few weeks (as I have mentioned here and here), and despite a busy schedule that made the decorating process somewhat slow, I am happy to report that fall has fallen amongst my home decor.  As you browse through these pictures you will see that I am not big on decorating for Halloween (although there are a few small decorations for this holiday here and there), because I love that autumn decorations can last all the way through Thanksgiving and do not have to be packed away after the trick-or-treaters visit.  Look at these pictures as a little tour inside our house, and I hope you enjoy what you see!  Hopefully these decorations will bring a little smile to your day and provide some inspiration for your own autumn decorations!

Now, I am off in a sweater to enjoy a hot chai!

< Fall florals in the front entryway- can you spot the 2 owls? >

< Little punkin's atop the piano >

< A somewhat bare looking garland on the fireplace mantle, along with a decoration on the mirror I have been wanting to try all year! >

 < Calming fall colors in the living room- switching the pillows on the couches is one of my favorite ways to make this room feel more seasonally appropriate >

 < Fall sunflowers and sparkling un-jack-o'-lanterns on a side table >

< Harvest time in a little corner in the kitchen >

< Decorations on the kitchen table, hutch, and counter welcome fall- and note the small Boo To You ghosts! >

< And in the back hallway, my favorite vase and arrangement of this fall decorating extravaganza! >


  1. Beautiful! Will you come and decorate my flat please?

  2. Of course, you know I will love to! I'll hop on the tube and be right over! ;-)

  3. Oh-h-h-h! I loved all the fall/halloween decor!!