Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Jacket DIY

< My DIY mixed material jacket >

Once upon a time I scored a fun faux fur vest at a great discount but realized that I did not love its short length after it sat in my closet for a bit.  Also during this once-upon-a-time era, I attempted to sell a faux leather jacket to my local Crossroads, with no success.  Enter the knight-in-shinning-armor of this story: the idea to pair the two pieces together to make a mixed-material jacket, much like I have seen in all the fall magazines this year.  ( To see this original DIY idea, plus a few others, click here.)  I took a few moments the other evening to cut and paste and create the new version of this jacket, the faux-leather-and-faux fur mixed material masterpiece.  Now I cannot wait for the weather to seriously cool off so that I can debut this creation!  Here are the the simple steps I followed to compile this jacket:

 < Step 1: Gather materials (old jacket and faux fur vest, scissors, hot glue, and the magazine that inspired this DIY idea.  Cover work surface with protective paper or old towels. >

 < Step 2: Refer to inspiring article for jacket design ideas with two different materials >

< Step 3: Create a 'part' in the fur vest, so that when you make your cuts, some of the fur will still fall past this cutting point and will look more normal >

 < Step 4: Make cuts where the fur material has been parted >

 < Step 5: Position vest on jacket and determine where you want the fur to be placed after all cuts have been made; cut vest accordingly and glue in place>

< Step 6: Enjoy the completed DIY project! >

 < PS, just had to share this... I ended up organizing my craft boxes thanks to this project! >


  1. Thanks Ashley! I'm loving it too, and just dying for cool weather so that it can make its debut! :-)